He said, "I am but one small instrument." Do you remember that?
Greetings, Earthling.
First, this is my blog. Everything I post here is all MINE unless.. otherwise stated. I do not care if you hate or dislike things I post, these are my fuckin' opinions. I don't care. This is an outlet for me to embrace reality and to express my thoughts. So your respect is needed and therefore necessary.

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I'd like to think that i'm beyond ordinary. That I do everything in a special way.

Call me Wendy. that would make things easier for the both of us.
I am a pessimist. Sucks to be me.
I love everything Earth-friendly. Anything that unleashes the child in me.
Oh, and I am me.
Your very own prodigy.
I'm feeling high.
I'm eating Nutella.
I'm doing this.

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This ain't working out....
It's love that finds you.
He broke his own heart and I watch, as he try to r...
Clearance. :(
Fuck you, change.
Oh baby you left and sailed away alone.
The past, the love, the memories.

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Goodbye sky harbor.
Written at Monday, April 19, 2010 | back to top

 Yowza! :) I miss blogging! I mean, I blog a lot on Tumblr now. Like half of my day is spent just posting there. Oh no, don't be jealous, you! You're still my first love, blogger. :)

I am quite happy now. HE makes me happy. :"> Why do you always have to make me kilig and stuff? I actually LOVE the feeling of being kilig and all that. it makes me so fuckeeen red like a fuckin' tomato. and I love it. :) or maybe because I just love you? :">

Oh, damn. I'm bad. I need closure. CLOSURE WITH YOU BIG TIME. The one and only source of my sadness (refer to my last blog post) below. but I think i'm feeling better now. Maybe it's not just going to work out and I just have to accept that fact?

Anyway I am so stoooked! Will go to CAMIGUIN on the 30th. Isn't that just amazing?! Beach bum again, yo bitches. Me likeeey :"> Why am I even talking like this such a slut. bitch. haha. Profanities aside, i wanna see my cousins and relatives there! That would be so much fuunnn! :))) It feels like it has been years since we last saw each other. I'm really stoked about this idea, anyhow.

Wanna paint my nails again. It's neon pink naww. but i'm not satisfied. Well it doesn't look like pink in cam, apparently. See?

 I like my messy hair. :P I've always been messy when it comes to my hair. Like my mom would make a fuckin fuss out of it. "Go comb your hair!" And i'm just like.. aww combs are bitches and they aren't for me. But I always find a way to look nice, of course. :) It wouldn't hurt to be hygienic once in a while, right? And i'm planning on growing my hair long. I just have to resist the urge to cut it. Arrrgh why is it fucckin hot ba kasi here in the Philippines. Damn you, tropical whatever. Haha.

Okay, I do not like how I sounded. :P Slang much?

It's 2:27 am. Boooo. Why am I not asleep yet, for Chrissakes? Maybe because I'm busy thinking of him. :"> And I miss him!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Mom borrowed my phone. And I feel like I wasted 20 bucks for load since I haven't really texted much before she borrowed it. Imma get it tomorrow and register to unlitexting again. I just wish he's unli tooo. Please? :))))

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.