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And it's a new year again.
Written at Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | back to top

Sae hae bok manhi baduseyo!

happy new year everyone! Advance,  i mean. :) This is a year-ender post so I have to make this amazing and worth-reading, right? I haven't blogged in a while.. Sorry for that. I just didn't have that much enthusiasm. But I'm back for real. I have so much to say. Or.. whatever.

I promised to myself that i'll make 2010 a good year for me. I'll be a good person, and I'll be pure within. (But that's a hard thing to do. LOL) I'll make it up to all the mistakes I've made and learned from this soon-to-be past year, 2009. 

God had a lot of surprises in store for me this 2009. I've made such great friends, fought -- and got back together with some, I had a loving ex-boyfriend (which is reading this now, btw. And then he smiles.. :)) I had pretty good grades and I belong to my most precious section, Second Year Mendel.

I said goodbye to my old friends last March. Dalton's really amazing. I love them for real and the goodbye I tried to bid wasn't actually goodbye for real. It just indicates a new beginning. 

Of course, I can never spare the problems I had. I had probably a lot.. Basically, my 2009 was focused on my family. I had to make really big decisions and stuff and I think that's just part of me growing up and being able to stand up for myself. I had pretty.. eh?! family problems.

But of course, God wouldn't give me these if he didn't know I can handle it, right? But what's good about it is that, I've learned a lot from it and that's what I'm really proud of. I discovered an inner self I never thought I had. Intuition. 

Lots of great things also happened. And as what I've said before.. there were lots of surprises too. Maybe God really wanted me to die from shock or what. But i'm looking through the positive side of all of it. Maybe He just wants me to learn -- again. 

2009 was the year I decided to let go of my first love. It wasn't really easy on my part. Knowing that I've wasted (I don't really think wasted would be the appropriat word.) or better yet.. Spent 2 whole years loving him. Maybe that's just the magic first love brings. I've came into the realization that first love really dies.. But then there will always be a part that will remain in your heart forever. And that's a fact. He will always remain in me. I know that.  We're really good friends now, and i'm so thankful that it ended this way. Maybe the last chapter of our own love story ended but our lives didn't. And that's life.. It doesn't stop for anyone.

I've conquered a lot of fears. And it made me what I am today. I've gone rock climbing, ice skating, and I rode a really cool ride from EK. Some friends of mine decided to settle their families in different states and countries, but I never really lost them. They're still my friends no matter what.

I didn't think it would be possible to love two people at the same time, but it is indeed -- possible. I've learned such good lessons from it. And once again, I am thankful that it happened. It may have broke my heart twice -- or thrice.. Atleast I was able to stand up by myself. Of course, with the help of God and my family and friends.

I don't expect much from 2010. Because I fear that it wouldn't meet with my expectations. But one thing's for sure.. 2010 will make me twice as great as what I am today. I know it will. :) I am so ready to face everything now. And I will never turn back from it.. Ever.

So.. Happy New Year, everyone! Spend your New Year with so much love and joy because you know you deserve it. :3


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Christmas is here! :3
Written at Friday, December 25, 2009 | back to top

 Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Share this Christmas with your family and friends, spread the love. :3


I had a blast last night. Went to Dyan's crib. Had Simbang Gabi. :)) Had lots of chika rin. I have to thank Dyan for welcoming me in her home. :)

Spent 12am at Grench. So.. rephrase that. Spent Christmas with him. Haha! :) I just dropped by. His parents were really amazing and sweet and all that to offer me food but of course, I'm shy and all that so I refused and just greeted them a Merry Christmas.

And then I went to Tita Heidi's again and ate lots of Lasagna. Went chikachika with them and my childhood friend Rhen. He's gay and totally amazing. Made me laugh tons of times. Nyahahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Muah. :))

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Remembering Sunday.
Written at Saturday, December 19, 2009 | back to top

Even though she doesn't believe in love,

He's determined to call her bluff,

Who could deny, these butterflies?

They're filling his gut

I love that song he played in the guitar. Neh. I wish someone can play that to me. That is such a romantic song.

I had a blast yesterday!! It was so much fun. From the party until what happened last last night. It was full of surprises and new experiences! :)

The party was the best Christmas Party I've ever had. We're all really hyper! But Sir Glenn was sooo much hyper than us. Hoho. :) It was all spelled as a blast. Best Christmas Party in the history of Christmas Parties.

I've received tons of gifts. A bag from Chelda, A pouch from Jelyn, A bracelet from Czar, A book from Grench, A hanky from Karissa, A headband from Caryl, another headband from Rollyn, a prayer bookmark from Dj. Aren't they nice? That was very sweet of them considering the fact that I will hand their gifts on January 4. :)

Yeaah. So I still can't get over our party. Had these amazing games, courtesy of the Games Committee! They were all great and fun and exciting and.. Those adjectives I mentioned aren't really enough to describe how our party went. We also had our intermission number! Damn it. I did my specialty stunt -- "Baby Face". And yeah, that's it. I've received 20 pesos worth of cash from Sir Glenn because I won in the Hephep hooray. Me and Wilson won in the stop dance too but Wilson took the 20, pamasko ko na daw. Damn. Haha.

I wore leggings but got rid of it too. Wore shorts.. The usual. No surprise with that. Haha! :)) I'm so sad the party ended just like that. I received a Spongebob DVD and Spongebob cellphone accessory from Bj, since he was the one who got my name when we had our bunutan. Haha! No wonder!! He asked me what I liked during the exams. It never really occurred to me that it will be him who has my name. Cool.

And then tralala! Party was over, but there's one more party coming! :)

Went to SM Southmall  after. I had so many people with me. Jelyn, Chelda, Czar, Celine, Dj, Catherine, Rosh, Jerome, Bianca, Honey. See?! Haha! It was so much fun! SO MUCH. :]] My body was tired and beaten up because we went Ice Skating! I kept on holding Roshie's hand so I assumed they thought we were together. Cathy was pissed but of course she was joking. Pinag-aagawan si Rosh e. Nyahaha. Then, we saw the ROPORS! :) Kuya Tabz, Kuya Seph, James, Roger, RenzoChukoi (who has a very nice, straight hair now, btw.), Alden, and Lois. They watched us skate and I never felt conscious since sila lang naman yun. And oh.. Kuya Seph gave Jelyn an Artwork Tshirt. Aww. Sweet. :3 and Roger gave Chelda a blue magic Stuff Toy... which was green. Awww, now that's sweet. :)) I wish someone's kind enough to give me an Artwork T-shirt too. The one I saw which had stars in it! Damn.

I introduced Celine my favorite sweet store, Dairy Queen. She was like.. "Oh? Meron pa lang ganito?" And then we ordered Sundaes. Gosh, all of the stuff on the menu screen all looked delicious! But we were kind of in a hurry because the others were at KFC na that time. So Celine and I called it a date. We went boy hunting. Haha! Sabi ko nga.. Hindi talaga kami dapat pinag-sasama ni Celine, pareho kasi kami ng ugali. And they all agreed.

Went to KFC to eat too. I was damn hungry. Share kami ni Celine. :) Actually, Celine and I really shared a lot of things that day, from water, to money, to the cute guys we saw. Haha. Amazing, I call her best friend now, btw. ;)

And then after that.. We went rock climbing! OMG. It was tiring but really fruitful! When I reached the top, It felt like heaven! Like I achieved a very high goal and it was like I graduated and all that. Okay I know I sound over-reacting. But it felt that way and I'm being honest. :P

Tons of fun when we did it. Mamaw ni Celine! Ambilis. I laughed when Chelda had her second round, she looked funny. Jen Riel hung out with us. :) Cause Bianca's there. Nyehehehe. DJ is so funny as ever!

And then I shared water with Celine again, and then.. Went to food court. We saw a cute guy wearing a cap there, it felt like.. Ugh, 0_0 He never stares at us but Celine was making pa-kyut. Hoho. Di tumalab.

While waiting for our sundo, we chatted and talked about almost everything we could talk about. It was.. yeah, you know. Fun -- again. For the Nth time. Haha.

We took pictures before we took off. And when we were finally at the L300, we talked about scary stuff.. Bianca and Catherine were shit-scared because they think they're the only ones home.. Wahaha! I told scary stories too, and they would change the subject! Haha, funny. ;)) Gulo rin nga pala namin nung papunta pa lang. Cathy's jokes are LOVED! :DD

And then.. Before we knew it, some of us went home na. Bumaba sila Cathy sa Camella, si Jerome sa Jollibee Molino. Bumaba ako straight to my house with Honey. Her dad will fetch her at our house so she stayed there muna. We talked about her love life and how she and Toootooot started dating and stuff. She's really fun to be with, you know? Her stories and her life is really still "okay" despite all of the things she's been through especially when she was still a new student. Our kwentuhan was bitin cause her dad was there na. So she left and we bid our goodbyes.

I went upstairs to read the book Grench gave me. It was a classic, entitled: 1984. It seemed interesting. then I received a text from Giddybear asking me if I was home na, I replied yes.. and then after a few minutes, he texted me: "Tingin ka sa labas." and then I went outside.. I heard noises este music pala. And then shit! Gideon was there with Marko, Michael, and Hiro! Namamasko sila. I was dumbfounded. I was shocked at first, then gave them a high-five. Gave them 20 pesos after. Haha! They told me they will come again on the 24th ata? Let's just keep our fingers crossed that I'll be at home during 24 and not on shopping. I hope our sleep over on the 28th will pursue. :)

So I was shocked. And.. O_O. But happy at the same time because they made me laugh even if it's 8pm na that time. :) It made me realize that my day isn't finished yet and that the magic is still here.


December 19, did nothing but watch Desperate Housewives. Awww, I cried because of an episode. :( It really touched my heart. It was about their Handy Man who died.. Who really helped when they where all in need, whether it was a shoulder to cry on, or someone to rescue a baby left in the car.. :( It was so sad. Anyway, I don't wanna be melodramatic here. Keep on reminding me that it's just a show and that I should stop acting stupid, okay? Thanks, dearie.

December 20, I bought a new pair of sandals. :) Haha! For a change. It seems like all the time, I only wear chucks and chucks alone. :]] But still, of course my prescribed fashion sense is still intact.:]

This has been a long post. XD The price I have to pay for all those times that I wasn't online. :)

Advance Merry Christmas!

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.

Love is the movement.
Written at Thursday, December 17, 2009 | back to top

Damnation is over. :)

..or atleast that's what I think? i'd like to make myself believe.. Haha. Kinda reminds me of Owl City's Fireflies. That is such a cute song. Totally adored.

Anyhooo, my day went fine except for some fcked up drama and this whole shit-ass thing. LOL. The tests were okay. BIO was damn hard. and also Computer! But.. I hope i'll pass. Keeping my fingers crossed with that. Hoho. I wish. :))

Heard rumors about me again. This girl is really getting on my nerves. Ugh.

I stayed in school until 3, because we practiced our intermission number. Lollipop! :) Will dance that. Haha, Kevin's so cute when we practiced. He said.. "1,2,3... Kevin!" And raised his hands after. I ROFL real hard. Sounds corny fer you, though? Haha.

I helped my classmates with our decorations too. It was fun. Clarence taught me how to 'curl-up' a crepe paper. COOOL! Haha. LOL I sound like a kindergarten kid.

Stayed outside with Grench, Paula and Rollyn. Talked about the "rumors" that's been going on. Turned out that they were indeed pretty nasty but.. haha. I find it enjoying, actually. Just that.. I can't believe HE actually though of me THAT way. Like he was nandidiri because of this something I texted. C'mon if you couldn't actually accept me for what I am then you're making me feel like I have to regret that we were once together. And to think SHE had a crush on you. And she felt jealous when we were still together. Now fck that. You're just like anybody else.. I guess. Psh.

So yeah, this girl is really.. UGH! She thinks she's invited at our gala tomorrow. Eew. FC much? I hate people who thinks they're really close friends with everyone when in fact all of the people surrounding her hates her. If she only knows. I wanna ruin her life! Yes because i'm evil like that :P Blair Waldorf-ish. Me like being a bitch. Nyehehehe.

There are so many things that I would like to say against her. But with all due respect, because she was once a friend and I did treated her as one, I'll just try to shut the hell up even though i'm really pissed off. She told certain people that i'm nagmamagaling and stuff like that. And she even asked them why I'm really popular and what is there that I have that she doesn't. Stuff like that. Shit like that. Fck man, haha. Insecure?

Well it kind of does bother me because in the eyes of my batch, I am always the bad one. The slut who flirts with everybody. Normally wouldn't care about the matter but.. Naah she's reached my boiling point already.


My supposed to be gift to Seth and to myself. I want this shirt! I love To Write Love On Her Arms. :) It's a cool organization. I'll buy one as soon as I find one. And hand it to him on January 4, I think. Me and dad are canvassing about this shirt. Oh, and yes.. Will give gifts on January 4 because I'm going to shop for Christmas Gifts this coming Monday. Too late, eh? Yeaah I think so too. Dad will accompany me and I'll buy a gift na rin for Baby Izzy because dad told me that Izzy "has a gift for ate na" Aww, sweet. :3

Tk and Abby, your gifts will be handed on January 4, okay? :)) Muah.
And to my friends.. Chelda Czar Jelyn Paula Caryl Max Joseph and God.. There are lots of them. Will give their gifts on January 4 too. God I just loathe 4. Ugh.

Tomorrow's the Christmas Party! Excited for the gala. Hoho. :)

- I'll see you soon guys.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
..and I miss you, babe.
Written at Tuesday, December 15, 2009 | back to top

I don't wanna close my eyes.

I don't wanna fall asleep cause I MISS YOU, babe.
..and I don't wanna MISS a thing. :(

Just an introduction. My day is fine, now I wish nobody's stupid enough to ruin it. Hahaha, I am soo kidding! Am I harsh? Sorry.

Tests today were ELA and CLVE. Boy, was ELA hard! I think I already lost 5 points. Holy Macaroni. Those functions of the dependent clause really blew my mind off. And my tummy was really in pain as I was answering the test. I was about to cry because of the unbearable pain. Jeremy even said, "Butterflies lang yan." And I gave him the What The Fuck look. Maybe because of all creature God created, Butterflies are the first things I hate. And yes.. I don't know why. Sheesh.

Took recess with Lamarck boys. They are sooo perv ferreal. I swear sometimes they can really be deceiving and ANNOYING. Behind those handsome faces, (What do you call Renz Mendoza's face, if not handsome, then?) are really green minds. F. But twas.. fun. I guess. Hoho.

Then it was time fer CLVE. I finished it at exactly 20 minutes. I don't think it was really that hard, but I had some unsure answers. Still okay, though. I heard Sir Ronnie will give a plus to those who got a perfect score on the post-test? Now that's just great. Maybe because it's Christmas na that's why he's been really generous. HOHOHO. :D

Me and WAPANG made plans na after the Party. We'll go to Southmall [?] still not sure about the location. But Jelyn told me about that. Chelda wants Market! Market! I want ATC. Haha, we're still uncertain about which way we're going. Cute. :) And damn.. I have no gifts fer them yet! Will try to look for cute items sa Southmall na mismo. And i'll hand it na kaagad. How very practical of me. Practicality is the best policy. Haha.

Yesterday.. Mom was the one responsible fer my studying. She was my tutor. Heck. My mind was a big blur and I was just laughing because of the things she said. There are so many of them that I'm too tired to enumerate them all. But it sure was fun.

I was actually about to blog about yesterday. But Kuya Clyde tricked me into going downstairs because of Yellowcab! Damn. He used it as a bait. He told me about the pizza and of course.. i just couldn't resist Yellowcab so I got out of my seat, away from the computer and headed downstairs for some Pizza. Then the next thing I knew, Kuya was using my laptop na.. Daaaang. How can I be so uto-uto? Screw that. Haha. :))

Chatted with Tita Mae last night. She was upset about me leaving and she said she and dad would do everything to make me stay. Wow, that is a good thing. Atleast.. Riiight?

Haven't attended Simbang Gabi. But I want to. Although there was this message some dj was addressing to all of us when I had my ears on the radio in our service. Wag daw gawing wishing well ang Simbang Gabi.

Wag kang magsimba dahil ang habol mo ay ang katuparan ng wish, mag-simba ka kasi gusto mo igunita ang kaarawan ni Hesus.
Okay, the italicized statements were my own words, and from my own perception as well. Nyahaha.

Gee, this post is too plain. No pictures at all. Forgive me, I'm lazy and sleepy na e. Will take a power nap and then i'll study na later. Bio, Computer and Health tomorrow! Bohahaha. ;D

Oh and about the intro, Marko was singing that one kasi while he was listening to his iTouch. Yooon. Nabaliw ako. Bigay todo e. Laughed my as* off.


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Be the one adored.
Written at Monday, December 14, 2009 | back to top

Hey there! Just came from a very nice and long nap after me and mom had a fight (and don't worry, it isn't severe. We just fought about who would get to stay with the laptop fer Christmas Break. She told me she'll be needing mine and I was like WTF?! She just can't.. Haha. So I fought with her but it isn't really serious. We were just having fun. :P)

Anyway.. This is the first day of the damned week. My brain cells were under the verge of shock, you know. I hate Filipino for being really HARD! Why can't Sir Marvin just give us exams which were as easy as last years? Last year, even if I don't study at all, I can get a one mistake but now? Tsss. It would take a miracle. I need one.

AP was.. kind of okay. Confused with some of I answered because I haven't really studied that much. Screw meee. :(( Gaack. Can't afford to have low grades, by the way.

BUSINESS MATH. o_0 The subject I dread the most. At first I couldn't get it AT ALL.. I even blamed my own stupid calculater but then when I had to solve a problem over again.. I finally got the correct answer FROM the choices and I was actually about to shout "YEY" that time but good thing my hand was in time to cover my mouth.

After that, we were dismissed late because Sir Glenn had a meeting with us regarding the preparations for the Christmas Party. I'm with the Program Committee along with Annaflor and we get to make the whole program itself. Nyahahaha. Pretty fun and i'm excited.

My service left me! Ughh. Deja vu. Last quarter, my service also left me because we were also dismissed late during the first day. So.. had no choice but to get a gate pass from T.Michelle and Gideon's kind enough to be with me. Hinatid ako. Kaye was there so it was kind of really nakakahiya because I looked like I was taking Gideon away from Kaye but it seems like she doesn't mind. Whew, thank God ferr that.

Gideon even promised T.Michelle to take me home safely and I LOL-ed when he said that. And we weren't the only ones who walked until the gate of TCW. Johnly, Jen, Michael, and Rk were there too because they're going to play dotA at CC. Hoho. I was with Rk again! If you happen to stumble upon something I blogged last quarter, I was with him too along with Caryl and Johnly and Jen. LOL. So it was kind of a reunion.. Only Caryl wasn't there, she was replaced by Michael. And yes.. I am the only girl there.

If you're asking about me being the only girl MOST of the time whenever we have these kinds of things. No, it isn't awkward because I treat them my friends. Although it could be a little annoying at times because they think I'm a guy too. But I never really feel out of place with them. Because I treat them the way I treat my girl friends too.. It has always been an issue, even before. And I think for the most part, this is one of the reasons why I can't have a long lasting relationship. And no.. I think it doesn't suck because I don't really care. I love being with them and I treat all my friends equally, kaya nakakasawa pag may nagsabi na.. Oh, ikaw na naman only girl?

Seth even asked kanina, because I was with them during our break and I was the only girl there.. "Bakit hindi ka sumama sa kanila?" And she pointed to the other girls of our batch. I just shrugged because It's hard to explain why I'm always with boys because honestly.. There's nothing to explain about because they're my friends and I like their company and that's it. No strings attached. God I hate it when people actually think about it the other way. It sickens me.

Blahhh. So that's it.. we walked the sunny roads of hell. LOL. Joke, gate lang ng TCW. It was fun although it was steaming hot. Talked about GM stuff. Tsktsk. Used to it already. And then asaran modes. Haha. They're all so funny. And then when we reached the gate, the boys went to the other side because mauuna na sila sa CC while Gideon will make hatid-hatid, and then he'll go back to CC din so that they can play na.

Gideon and I rode the blue cab. And he even paid for my fee. I insisted but he insisted too.. So I had no choice. He's a very sweet guy. And we talked about our love lives.. Twas fun and interesting too. I noticed the girl at the other side of the cab staring at us and of course I assumed she though Gideon and I are a couple. I just laughed at the thought.

After that, we reached home and he was nice enough to be with the gate na lang of the subdivision na lang while I walk towards my home.

Whew, i'll be spending Christmas with dad and [hopefully] with my baby brother. I am so excited, ;)) This will be fun!! Yey. *claps hands* LOL. :))

- GTG! Will study. Hoho.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Written at Saturday, December 12, 2009 | back to top

Okay, that's it. I need to write all of these now or else i'll burst into tears. Tears which I will never let cascade on the damned floor. Tears I will try to hide until it shows itself with great anxiety.

Someone's going to take a peek at this house because gramma is selling it for 20 million. And this is what I'm scared of the most. Because by then, if.. God won't forbid, the canvasser (that is what I'd like to call the person) likes our house and will buy it.. I'm going to say hello to Cebu. :(

It's not that I don't want to live in Cebu. C'mon... It is a very nice place. Nicer than Manila or Cavite. One of the most visited places in the Philippines. But.. I was raised here. My friends are here. It's just too hard to finally say goodbye. :( 2 more years of High school wouldn't hurt, right? Why can't they just understand my feelings... for a change? No. Mom and dad does. They've been always very supportive with whatever plans I have. But this is one big turning point because my grandmother will make the decision for me. And I know what it'll be.

I don't want to move to Cebu because I love my friends so much that even the thought of leaving them makes my heart ache. I don't want to be left out.. All those times I've spent in DLA were the most amazing, happiest times of my life. Then suddenly.. one decision will take it all away from me.

Believe me, I'm looking at the bright side even if I'm the biggest pessimistic whore you always encounter. I know that if ever we move.. They will enroll me to a great school, but I doubt if it's as great as DLA. Naah, wouldn't be. Impossible. But still!! I know that I'll meet new, and great friends there but it's just that... What about my old friends? Dad said that if they're really real friends, they'll find ways to connect with me. Because that's what friends do. But no. It's still isn't the same thing.

I never wished for this.. Never wished for anything because I know I'm going to miss it all. I'll miss everyone here. :(

There's no certainty about this, and that's the great thing. We're still not certain but it's a 50%. Yet I'm still holding on into this little grip of hope that everything will turn out fine and that we'll able to make ends meet.

Tsss. Not even close.


Neeh. I wish.. everything will be fine like before. :(

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
I could be right here empty with yoo.
Written at Friday, December 11, 2009 | back to top

Now Playing: I Wanna Love You - The Maine

I love this song! :)

I wanna love you, you already know,
I wanna love you, you already know. ;P

Haven't blogged yesterday! Damn. Forgive me. I was supposed to blog about what happened yesterday (which was worth it, i suppose) but then Kuya Clyde spent some hours watching Naruto in my laptop. So.. yeah. I was downstairs with mom watching Goong. I fell asleep at about 8 (Yes, pretty unbelievable and excruciating at the same time.) and then opened my eyes at around 12. I missed the chance to text with people who were unli. Gaaack. Probably a big regret... or not? Neh.

Next week's gonna be a week of bloody brains. I finished reviewing AP but will probably have another run down later. Need to get high grades asap. God's been great with my grades naman and I am so happy about it. :)

Yesterday was fun. LOL. Hung out with Caryl, Reggie, Francis, Grench and Seth. Talked about stuff. Mostly about first year. Haha. Chika lang. They teased me with him. They CALLED his attention. Darn. I was soo embarrassed. Grr. Haha. And they find this first year girl cute. :)

Currently listening now to Meg And Dia's Monster.

I am Hannah's regrets.

Aw. Love this song. :)

Okay.. I'm talkin about random things nawww. I'm so scary. Hoho. Still haven't shopped for Chritsmas gifts! Damn it. Gramma and I will leave at 4 maybe later. Will be attending some kind of a party. And I'll ask her if we can shop na rin. Hope she says yes. Hohoo. I was making pa-kyut kanina to her and to everyone at home. And mom calls me Kim Bo-Ra now. Blame her addiction ferr Snow Queen. Hyun Bin is such a hottie, maaaan.

Imma go out now. I am still sleepy. Slept the whole morning. Gaaaa! Haha. Craving for Dairy Queen again. Sis had Starbucks yesterday and gave me green tea. Yummy. :)

Wanna watch Gossip Girl 3 na. If only there's no damn tests, I'll probably lure myself to my buhaybaboi attitude. Haha. Got that one from my friend, Roger. :)


- Wendy.
-- and I'm sorry, but this wasn't easy.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
I can feel the pressure, it's getting closer now.
Written at Thursday, December 10, 2009 | back to top

Some things are just plain pathetic. Pathetically wrong, pathetically legit, pathetically awesome, pathetically fucked up.

I'm so sorry for not blogging! If you only know how busy I've been these days. It's really frustrating. I hate myself for being a study addict now. But for the most part, I think this will do me good. Hopefully.

Got 93 in the recitation in Math. 82 in the fourth quiz. (lage na lang 82.. Demmet.) 100 in the post-test in CLVE. Yey! ;) 93 in the notebook in CLVE, 96 in the post-test in Biology. The fruit of all those times i've been spending with my books and notebooks. Thank you, Dear God.

Everything's fine at school. My friends are the greatest for making me laugh nonstop. Been at Darwin to make some speech about practically anything about Second Year life. Haven't made any good points about it but I wish they learned from us. I was sooo bangag that time. Ugh. ;( LOL. And to think.. ugh. nvm.

No boyfriend and lovelife. LOL. I am sooo awesome to the superlative level. So this is what it feels like to finally set your priorities straight, huh? Well I feel kind of rejuvenated in a way. Paula even asked me about it, "May boyfriend ka ba Wendaang?" And I was startled.. Since she's one of my best friends and she should know about that, right? I said No. Akala lang daw pala niya kami ulit ni Enzo. Well no.. To be honest. And I have no time for that, I guess.

I am in so much pressure right now that I want to crawl under a rock. Fuck my life for being chaotic and full of deadlines. This is the crucial week of the quarter. The week before the Periodical Tests. But of course, there's always a price after that and it's our Christmas Break! Woohoo, damn excited ferr that. A week of rest and sheer bliss and contentment.. Nyahahaha.

Pressured with being the class muse. What if I can't answer the question? What if suddenly.. I'll trip over and humiliate myself in front of everyone else that I don't actually give a damn about? Fuck it. Daaamn, I just said I don't give a damn about it, right? So why am I feeling like their opinions about me actually matters when in fact I really don't care? Honestly speaking, I'm always the kind of girl who doesn't actually care about anything else that I'm not obliged about. Okay I think I basically made no sense so.. Nvm, again. ;P

Okay I just LOL-ed right now. I remembered something we did at the school earlier. Paulo and I were making fun of Kevin -- again! Haha. I said.. Paulo tignan mo yung mukha ni Kevin dito sa ID niya mukhang natatae. And I would reach for Kevin's gate pass and tell Paulo that.. "Eto naman Paulo mukha na siyang nakaraos o, naka-smile na." And they really LOL-ed hard that time. We also had a series of jokes and I was so corny HAHAHA.

The charades in Filipino was funny. Nothing, I just find it funny because Sir Marvin played it too and he portrayed a valedictorian who just graduated and we were practically clueless about it. Nyehehehe. ;))

15 days more to go before Christmas. Haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. Darn. I have to do it before December 18. Whew, wish me luck, ;)) and Perio week is near! Sorry for my soon to be absences. Naghahabol ng grades e. Thank you still, my dear readers for finding time to read about this fucked up journal of mine.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
You smile in your sleep.
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Now Playing: So Little Time - Arkarna.

I remembered watching So Little Time every weekdays at Disney Channel. I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! :) They're so cute. And I think.. so far they're one of the hollywood teenage stars I really look up to for not sucking up and posing nude in the net. And they weren't really involve in some nasty scandals that could ruin their reputation and stuff. Unlike some of the stars I idolizED before. Neh.

They were soo cute when they were kids. Nyahahaha. I never really watched their old show called Full House but I think it's interesting. Watched a few Youtube clips about it, and I love it when Michelle Tanner (played by both Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, alternatively) says "You got it, dude!" With a thumbs up. Aww, so adorable.

Okay, enough about them. :))

It's a Sunday. I wanna go to Church. Boohooo. Mom's getting a little lazy now, she's cleaning the house. And I hate it when she brings the topic about leaving up. It pains me, to be honest. Argh, can we not talk about it here? I don't want to talk about it.

Dad's coming later. Will give me money. I only have 250 in my wallet! Daaarn. Poor much. And I still need to save more ferr him.

I love Tumblr! LOL. I'm loving it now, for real. I posted some photos and stuff and most of my followers liked it. My Tumblarity increased to 291. Simple things like that makes me happy, in case you're wondering why I'm making such a big issue about my tumblarity and all that. ;P

My love for Draco Malfoy's coming back.. And it's sick. I remember myself staring right into the big screen and not blinking for a minute or two whenever Draco Malfoy's face or just his shadow would come up. He is a hottie, best villain ferr me. Wahaha. :))

Deathly Hollows will soon be invading the theater's too. Will wait for that. ;) Won't miss it for anything.

I heard about Paramore's almost SOLD OUT concert here. OHMYLORD. Please... NOOOO!!! I wanna see them badly. :(( And I would DIE if I can't go to MOA to rock with them. the Lord can grant miracles, I know. Imma pray for that big time.

Anyway, in case you're interested.. Here's my other Christmas Wishlist. ;PP I posted my top 5 already, right? Well here's another top 5.

1. Any Band Tshirt, or statement shirt will do. ;) [Artwork, yeaaah!]
2. A new book. ;P
3. Starbucks treat, ;))
4. Cellphone accessories? I badly need lots of it. I like being girly now, ;PP
5. A new necklace. ;(


Here's more, Santa will grant this ferr me, perhaps?

6. Cool shoe laces for my chucks. The one with glitters and all that cute designs in it? I heard it's just 50php at the SM Department Store.
7. 150 worth of load so I can register to SuperUnli during Christmas Break. WAHAHA!!
8. Stuff toys. Lots of it. BIG, FLUFFY BEARS! :)
9. Chocolates will do. Yum.
10. A gala day with friends. I miss it. ;((

That's it, I guess. That would make my Christmas a blissful one, indeed. But of course, let's not forget the true essence of celebrating Christmas which is to celebrate our Jesus Christ's birth. And always remember that it's better to give than to receive. Weh? Although it would make me happy if you give me tons of gifts this Christmas. Hohoho! ;)

Flyleaf's new album, Memento Mori's already released na pala! :) I downloaded some songs last night. Took mom's laptop and surfed nonstop until 11. Nocturnal much, I suppose? Haha. I love their song, "Beautiful Bride" especially the last part where Lacey was chanting Hallelujah. Cool.

Gaaack, i'm feeling cold yet it's sooo sunny outside. Perfect irony, I guess.
BBL. Love you loads, <3


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
By blood and by me, and I fall when you leave.
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Annyeong Haseyo! ;)

This is my 100th post. Cool, dear. :PP

"So tell me when you hear my heart stop,
You're the only one that knows.
Tell me when you hear my silence,
There's a possibility I wouldn't know.
So tell me when my silence's over,
You're the reason why I'm closed.
Tell me when you hear me falling,
There's a possibility it wouldn't show."

-- Addicted to Lykke Li's Possibility. This was played when Bella was staring through her window, probably waiting and thinking of Edward who left her. ;) Damn, I'm lovin' this song. I can relate to this, btw.

Saturday. Slept almost the whole day. Didn't eat breakfast. Mom kept on buggin' me to do some chores for her but I just ignored her. I need to sleep because my body's aching. And my head's kind of in a blur right now. Gee.

When I woke up, I checked my phone for messages and then took a Brunch. Delish. Boohoo. And then surfed the net, watched TV. Daarrn it, I wanna watch Goong // Princess Hours again.

Eun Hye and Ji Hoon's sweet scenes are always my favorite. They look cute together as Princess Janelle and Prince Gian. I love how them, especially my Jeong Hoon, oppa. ;)) Oh darling, you're sooo cute.

Mwahahahahh. Haven't done any homeworks or school stuff? There isn't any ata. I think so. And then yeah.. Went outside, and there.

Will probably shop for Christmas gifts with Dad and my baby brother. Yey! ;) Here's the list of the people who'll receive a gift from me. ;D

1. Enzo [TOP PRIORITY! I wish he won't read this, ;P]
2. Mikee Clarice. XD
3. Grench
4. Chelda
5. Jelyn
6. Czar
7. Paula
8. Caryl
9. Max
10. Kuya Seph
11. Jerome
12. Adrienne
13. Karissa
14. Honey
15. Abby labs.
16. Tk, ;)

NYAHAHAHAAAA. So many of them. Damn it. But the first one's my top priority. Currently saving up ferr him. :) I still don't know what to give him, tho. Anyway yeah.. So that's it. ;D I'm so excited na. Bwahaha. And for myself? I honestly don't know what to buy for myself. Maybe a new book or something that can be eaten or something I can wear around. Nyahahaahh.

Christmas is in the air. ;))


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
The sadness, I need this time to be with you.
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"Akyat tayo sa baba?"

As usual, lakas tama na naman Mendel. ;))

Today was a very funny day and blahblah. I keep on saying the same old things. Well maybe because it really is a funny day. First because it's Friday. TGIF, babyy. ;)) And then maybe because we're all just plain goofy and all that.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised that mom made me Hot Choco. :P I had a hint that it'll be a cold morning again, because it has been, for the past few days. Mom turned on the heater for me and all that.

Did the usual routine. And then my service came and tralalalaaa. Wore the jacket I traded with Max. I miss my old american style sweater, though.

Arrived early, as usual.. Did the Math homework and fooled around with my guy friends. Jonathan took the book I borrowed from Paula and we were laughing because I couldn't get it from his hands even though I was really trying so hard. I even said, "Reypin talaga kita!" And then yeah.. laughed and all. :))

Then it was time for AP. Tralala. Same stuff. Had this game, but I didn't participate because I was one of the reporters who initiated the game in the first place. Completed my notes, read, talked. Made fun of Kevin. That makes my day. LOL ;))) Dede! Haha. Green much!!!

Anyway, so there.. Had fun again. We made fun of Kevin and Paula and I had our faces filled with pain because of all the laughter.

Ako: Bakit amoy itlog?
Kevin: Ivan, bukas ba zipper mo?

- bastos! Me and Paula laughed really hard.

"Ui, yung bra ng strap mo!"

- Argie. Wahaha, baliktad?!

I love being a Mendelite, ;P Bleehhhh!


Bio was okay, I read mostly and studied inheritance and I kind of wished I had AB as a bloodtype. It's rare, and I like it.. :)) Paulo was near Kevin and I so you probably know what I'm going to say next.. Yes, it went funnier than usual! Paulo and his knocknock jokes are so korni but I love the way he laughs that's why me and Kevin gets really crazy whenever he does.
And then it was time for ELA. Had our spelling pre-test. and then had this seatwork too. Filipino was next. Sir wasn't in the mood, I guess? But he would smile once in awhile. I just don't feel like it's real or maybe he was just really faking it. I still had fun, though.

TLE, did the project. I had no materials! Hahaa. Great kid, yeah.. I know. Kudos to me. There was this really big one whole illustration board in the room and I was forced to cut it into 1/8 size for myself.. Didn't pushed through, though. Gladys had a spare one and she gave it to me. I had fun trying to cut that one whole, enormous illustration board! Nauuntog kasi sila Argie at Dhyrell whenever I hold it in a standing position.

Ivan's group cooked Afritada for their project and Ivan made these graham cake (Is that what you call it?) And it was mouthwatering. I went to the nook with them and Teacher Roda and the others liked the food he cooked.

"Di mo naman tinulugan to? Baka tinulugan mo to habang nagluluto ah." - Teacher Roda. I LOLED hard.

Scavengers, mga taong nabubuhay sa pahingi-hingi. That's what Argie and Dhyrell call themselves. I laughed really hard, because I was one of them. I just borrowed and asked some things for my project. And I had fun decorating it. It was a creative work, for me. :P First time that I didn't criticize my own work. Nyahahaaa.

MATH. I got a 94 in the homework. One mistake. Sheesh, and yeah.. It's carelessness. And then we had a seatwork. I did it with some of Kevin and Paula's help. Got a 90. Whew. :)) Thank God.

after that, I went to the CR. And then when I was strolling along the corridors, Teacher Roda, RK, and Enzo were there.. Teacher Roda stared at me as if she knew something. You familiar with that kind of stare? And she was smiling.. She said, "Wednesday, si Lorenzo o." And I just smiled.. she added, "May sinabi siya sa'kin.. Maghihintay daw siya."

My heart melted. LOL. But enough with that. ;PP

And then we had our P.E! Yeyyyy. Haha, dun nauso yung intro ko. Akyat tayo sa baba. LOL. Sir Glenn laughed too. we went downstairs and waited for T.Beth to arrive. We played piggyback racing. Buhat ako ni Paulo while Caryl was at Max's back. Talo kami. Bigat ko daw kasi. Even Paula told me that. ;))

When T.Beth arrived, we played Softball. But I just fooled around with Ericka and Caitlin. I made them laugh tons of times because I was recalling what Kevin and I did earlier, and all that crazy stuff. They laughed really hard and I did too. My stomach was in pain. Hoho.

Can't understand Softball. I asked Czar and Kevin about it because it was our turn to play after the first group (Which I kind of enjoyed because i like seeing people getting thrown by a ball on their faces and body. Okay... I'm bad.) And good thing I did nothing because it was time already. Bwuahaha. But we scored a point and that's better than having no point at all. Max got thrown by a ball in the balls. LOL. That's just funneeeeh.

Dismissal: Hung out at the bleachers with Grench and Mikee and most of my friends. Paula, Caryl and Max went home early so I was left there with two of my bestfriends. Mikee's knocknock jokes are the best! I was trying hard not to laugh but I did, and that's pretty uplifting. :) The varsity were in the bleachers next to us and blahblah.

It's a 4, dear. :)

So.. that's it. :))
Had an awesome and not sooo boring day. Thanks to Shushianae! I love you, Mendel. :)
- wendy

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
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"Go get your girl
She's looking at you like you're crazy.
We can pretend you never even knew me.
It would work out
Don't let go of that one
And I'll find mine."

- I'll Find Mine - M.A.D ;))

I love you, Meg and Dia. :D

Anyway yeaah.. Today's Thursday. Haven't blogged yesterday since kuya borrowed my laptop for gaming purposes and blahblah. Haha. I felt ridiculous yesterday. Took pictures of myself. God, I'm being vain and I like it. I also like pink now, if that interests you.

I wore the kimono ate Mj lend me last night. Mom was like.. O_O "What is wrong with you?" And I just smiled. Took a couple of pictures. Will upload them when I get as much enthusiasm as I need.

Yesterday was really funny. My face hurt like hell because of Kevin and Argie! I said these really green expressions like.. Peksquared and Bulsquared and Kevin would laugh and it would cause a series of hysteric laughters. And Argie and I had this conversation about 'her' being really over-reacting and all that. I don't know.. Argie's right. Ikaw ba naman tawagin kang *toooooot* sa harapan ng klase. Tss. If I were Kevin, I bet I killed her with a shotgun right into her head. Nyahahaha. ;D

Had no unusual happenings yesterday. Wait.. I can't be certain. I'll try to recall.. Okay... Hmm. Naah, there isn't any. Oh wait! Yeah, the new 'bluetooth' method. TSF! Titig Sa Floor method. Okay.. This is pretty confidential. Exclusively for me, Paula, Kevin, Almira, Mark and Denise only. :P Wilson's envious because he can't copy his seatmates answers. Good thing we invented the TSF method. Gosh, I know it's a sin and it's wrong but.. Ugh, here I am again with my conscience. :P


Today was fun too. We talked about Paranormal Activity at the bleachers this morning. Renz and the guys with me were so anxious and scared about it. I dunno, it's just really weird to be able to encounter such freaky things. We watched it at Jonathan's psp and.. yeah, been really loud all throughout that time. LOL.

And then I wore this Kimono again because it's time for the AP reporting na.. We reported and all I did was dance after I gave my speech. Danced like some kind of pornstar seducing men. Damn it. Haha! Green much na namaaan.

Blahblah. Did notes fer CLVE while Sir Ronnie called 10 random people for the graded recitation. I called all the angels and saints that time because I was pushing my luck to the limit and I kept praying that I wouldn't be called.. and yes, they are indeed good. I wasn't called but some of my classmates said that Sir Ronnie really wanted to call me. Something like.. "Ba't di ko matawag-tawag si Wednesday?" Cause he was making bunot. LMAO. And I don't know but that actually feels weird, until now. Why would he take such liking for me? I think he feels challenged because I am really open with my opinions in his subject. Considering the fact that I am religious and all that.. Well I guess I am! ;D

Yey, my tumblarity increased to 144! Masaya na ko nian. Haha. Not really active in Tumblr but it gets kinds of fun when you reblog and all that. Heehee.

"If there is any possible connection in the tragedy of losing someone we love very much, it's the necessary hope that perhaps it was for the best." - The Witch Of Portobello; Paulo Coelho.

Currently reading that, courtesy of Paula. We exchanged books. She has my Veronika Decides To Die and I have her book which is.. Yep, The Witch Of Portobello. I like it, as I was reading it, I felt all the emotions Paulo Coelho wanted his readers to feel. It was like there was some kind of connection. And I guess this will change my point of view in life again. This is what I like about Paulo Coelho, he really knows how to open up not only our mind but our hearts as well. He's my favorite author for life! ;) Unlike some of the authors I know there that has these really stereotypical books. O_O Neh. I won't read your books because it doesn't interest me.

And I also hate it when most of the kids I know read books and treats themselves as bookworms. Darling, you're not, okay? And would you please stop copying most of the things I make? and typed here? You're getting on my nerves, dear. Hey, that rhymed again! Cool.

I think we have our Team Name already. Shushianae. Not sure with the spelling but it's pronounced as.. Shushiyeneyy. Cool! Haha. Sounds like food and most of the guys in the class don't like, well we girls do and we're dominant than you so.. No choice, boys. :PP It means Angel Of Purity. Wahaha. Purity daw? Asa pa men.

Oh, Enzo went to the clinic and was sent home today. I felt lonely. :(( I wish him well.


I miss you Blair, and Chuck. Need to watch Season 3 of Gossip Girl. Still not finished with Desperate Housewives Season 5 and hell, Gabby (Eva Longoria) looked shitty there. I wish she would return into her old glamorous, fashionable self again. I miss it. And boy, Susan (Terri Hatcher's) boyfriend Jackson is hot. Okay, it sounds weird to have a crush on a guy over 20. Is he over 20? It seems like it. Haha. Reminds me of Topher Grace a.k.a Eric of my favorite series ever, That 70's Show. I miss watching it.. :(( still waiting for reruns.

And btw, Blair's dress is the thing! Man, i'd kill just to have that dress. It looks cool.

Tomorrow's 4. And I have Math homework. Kinda lazy though. Talk to ya later, blog. :)
Mwah. :*


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Magnet nga ang puso koo. :)
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I'm pregnant with Lee Min Ho's baby. Howahahaaaa. What an intro. Kinda reminds me of something my "friend" and I used to talk about.

Hey there. Internet's on my laptop. Sweet. :)) Sadly, I have like loads of school stuff to do. But I have the whole evening to finish them all. Will study for my AP Post-Test tomorrow. Sir Glenn told us it's gonna be hard. And that's.. Dugdug, dugdug. Oh well, wish me luck. :]

My mom's like so funny naaawww. She saw the new Paramore poster Enzo gave me (More on that later) and she compared that to my last Paramore poster which was also posted on my bedroom wall. She said, "Bakit naging lima na yang Paramore? Diba dapat apat yan?" Comparing the old Paramore poster I have, with only four members in it, and the new one which has 5 members, and that includes Taylor York. I was like.. O_O Okay, mom?

She even asked me stuff a highschool kid would typically ask. "Nagd-date pala talaga in real life si Kristen Stewart at Robert Pattinson?" HAHAHA. That really made me laugh. Okay, so mom.. You being under 40 is a thing, but you being COOL like that is just totally another thing. Hell yeah. Lovin' my mom ferreal. <3 Huwahaaa.

Okay.. Nuff about that. :) So yeah, Enzo gave me a new poster. Paramore poster! Yey. He's just too sweet considering the fact that we're not together anymore. Maybe we could start.. again, right? I mean, it's never too late. And I have nothing to do with my life and it kinda gets a lot boring now. I don't want to be like super nerdy and bury my face with academics. (But that actually wouldn't hurt, if I try.)

Anyway, i'm having daily headaches and it's buggin the hell out of me. I don't know if I'm sleepy or it's just the new lesson in Bio. Fcck it, Punnett Square. I can't understand a thing! Hahaaa. Good thing Paula's to the rescue, papaturo na lang akooo. :D

I'm going to make my Christmas List later. And that includes the people that will receive gifts from me. :)) Not expecting anything in return, okay? But a Venti Chocolate Java Chip won't hurt. Naaah, kidding. :P I'm craving ferr chocolates. Yummy.

Kevin's a very funny seatmate. Haha. We had this conversation about love and whatnot. I don't know but I actually laughed a lot that time. It was Business Math, (T.Gemma took the time for our RHGP. and blahblah, can't understand a thing. Will do a lot of self-reviewing in her subject since it's one of my sablays.)

Ivan's a weird and funny guy too. Minumura na nga siya't lahat-lahat, mahal pa rin niya. Aww, now that's just too sweet. That's what we call, platonic love. LOL. Kidding.

I wore a kimono this morning! Borrowed from Ate Mj (Third year.) because I really thought that today would be our report in AP. But twas postponed on Thursday na lang daw. I looked like a geisha and I was dancing like a geisha. And yeah, it felt funny and weird too. I like it! LOL. They were calling me Maria Ozawa especially the boys. HAHAAA. Heck men. I love Mendeloidz boys.

Skating at SM Molino, sama ka? :D LOL. I love you, Mendel. To deathhhh.

Arrgh, I don't have anything to say anymore. Blahblah. Okay, so we were dismissed at 4:20 and as usual, hung out at the bleachers. Grench and some of my guy and girl friends were there. Mikee bluetooth-ed (what a term?!) Diamond Shotgun on my phone. And her pictures with Miggy Chavez, my first love. I am sooo inggit. LOL. Hahaa. Grench was canvassing about what phone to buy. And I kept telling him to buy a 5800. He doesn't want touchscreen daw. Okaay, fine then go and buy a Nokia 3210! LOL. I said Hi to Seth, but he ignored me. Okayyy.. What is wrong with you? Ugh. Haha. :)

Accck. Cold in here. Must be the aircon. Thank you to my black aircon for bringing in cold air. I feel kind of sleepy, though. Noooo! Need to review! :)

Haha. So long. Laterrr peeps. :)

*Lock and Load.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.