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Written at Monday, August 31, 2009 | back to top

School day tomorrow. Again.

I'm so tired. Honestly. A three day break isn't enough for me. But, haha. What can I do?!

That CLVE thing. Haha. Whatever that thing is, for what it's worth.. I'm going to pass that darn thing. Well, I have to. I feel obliged to do so.

ELA thing. I'm the scriptwriter, and one of the main directors. Kind of a heavy duty, right? I don't really care, I just want this to be a nice presentation. Of course, who doesn't want that, right?

Effin girl. I don't know what's gotten into me but I just bashed around someone. And.. I find it awesome. LOL yeaah, i'm such a btccchh. :D Thank you. :)

No updaatess XD be back. :)

- wendy.
Written at Sunday, August 30, 2009 | back to top

Neeeh. Long weekend! Yes yes yes! I deserve this DAAAAMN hohooho.

Friday - > Florante at Laura day. Haha. Bitin. Di ko siya trip. Buti na lang may kissing scene, LOL. dun lang ako naaliw e. WTFWTFF I sound like some kindaaa perv. Haha. well yeah, yun. Mas masaya pa sa van! Sakit ng tiyan ko kakatawa e. Tas yun, nagstarbucks kami, tas nagliwaliw kami ni babe at hun. Sayaa nga e. :) Nung pag-uwi, saya sa van, tapos nag-commute kami. Dami namin e, nilakad na naman yung gate ng TCW, parang nagiging hobby ko na to a. XD haha. :) Kasama ko siyaa. Oyeee. Tapos yun.. si Sir Marvin yung kasama ko umuwi kasi pareho kami ng way, dami rin niyang naishare na stuff about him, his girlfriend, and his profession as well. Somehow, what he told me, i mean all of those things he told me, naiintindihan ko na siya. :)

Saturday - > Walang nangyari. Kaen lang ng kaen. Nuod ako ng Push, tas BOF. Basta DVD marathon. Korni nga e. Nothing interesting. Kakabagot. Pero atleast diba? Narelax mind ko kahit papaano. Tapos yun.. :) Wala pa rin si gramma. Yung laptop miss ko na. Kaso, sabog naman wifi namen! Bastos. Natamaan ng kidlat. Amfness. Haha. Kapag minamalas nga naman ako.

Sunday - > Bumili kami ng DVDs, para bukas marathon na naman ulit ako. Yun lang naman so faar, bow. HAHAHA. Sarap manuod ng Gossip Girl. :) Ang cute ni Chuck! Ang boring pa rin talaga.

See what I'm into? i'm intooo.. bashing! LOL, nagmamaldita sa TG. Nakakainis talaga mga tao dun. Mga.. ewan. Kiddos? I mean, magmamaldita ako. Sobraaa. Idol ko si Ate Katoots, at si Charii Istarpishiee at si Cj. :) HAHA. Justice for ate Katoots! Oye. :*
Written at Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | back to top

Everything's changing..

New seating arrangement, new seatmate, new problems, new quarter, new school works.. I hate change. :(

My new seatmate is Max. And Angelo. So far I've got cool and energetic seatmates. They're so perv. LOL. and atleast I enjoy their company. But I really miss my 1st quarter cheatmates. Reaalllyy. >.<

Problems? Pshyeaaa. I hate my mom for not living by her word. For always making promises that don't really come true. Always making "paasa" me with everything. And she doesn't really know it, but deep inside, i'm really hurt. I mean, who wants to wait in vain for nothing, right? And now.. Swear I'm not expecting anything anymore.

New quarter. 2nd quarter. I don't really know what to expect. And yes, I don't want to expect anything anymore because I'm afraid that the outcome wouldn't meet with my expectations. But I am going to do my best now. I promise.

He's absent. I'm so sad. And I haven't had the chance to talk to him. He went offline suddenly, without saying anything but sorry. Guess there was some kind of emergency or something. I don't really want to make a big fuss about it, but... I don't know. Guess I just miss him to death.

There are no classes tomorrow! Yey! :D But shit, got loads of school works due on Thursday. Damnit. :(

Friday, we'll watch Florante At Laura in SM Southmall. Nyeheheh. Hope we'll have fun. And.. I really hope I could spend some time with him and my friends. :(

Change is... an immense sh*t.
I wish I didn't have this kind of life.
Written at Monday, August 24, 2009 | back to top

I just couldn't stand seeing my mom's face.. I feel like she's hurt so much people already.. okay, not much. but still!!!

I hate it.. I feel as though I'm older than her.. She doesn't even get me, and doesn't even spare time to hear about what I have to say.. I don't get her.. I hate it.. Sometimes i want to shout right in front of her and tell her what I really think about what her doing..

I cried, and I feel like crying again.. I feel like my whole world is falling apart.. Lord, give me wisdom, please? :(
Written at Saturday, August 22, 2009 | back to top

Busy day. I actually have loads of things to share... But, if you only know how sleepy I am right now.. You would understand, right? I was just blogging because I felt like I have to share something, at the very least.. I hate seeing the battery level in the right side of this laptop.. 15 minutes to go and i'm off..

Okay, so everyone knows how much I love to eat, right? Piggin' out is my hobby.. I ate a lot of foodddd, XD I have to gain weight! :(

I felt upset.. I was slowly hurting him.. It sucks. I feel guilty. I mean, I should've known it from the start. But It's just that.. I didn't think it would be a big issue. :( What am I going to do with my guy friends? They like.. own a piece of me..

But of course, HE owns the half of me..

I'm torn.. I'm sick.. I feel like fainting..

I feel like sleeping, and be present in a sweet dream, where in worries are not allowed.. I just don't want to think that, I'm slowly losing myself in this situation. I have to get rid of this out of my system because it won't do me well...

and then.. there was this conversation with Bi.. that I would never share. Curious? No, not a chance. I'm sorry. Well I was just sharing that the convo I had with Bi was very... sensitive. I have to find myself. I have to find out what I really want. fast. Damn.
My heart has never been this open.
Written at Thursday, August 20, 2009 | back to top

I wasn't able to blog yesterday. Truth is, I felt lazy, :) But I was in a good mood, though. Haha, :D Watched UP with friends and him :)

We had our Math and TLE test yesterday. Math 1 was pretty easy, LOL except for the graphing part. Damn, I forgot how to do that! So I just.. guessed. Haha. :D The test in TLE was quite easy too. Quite! I'm not sure with what I was doing in the problem solving, really. But that's okay. Part 2 was okay, I had a blank (well, not really) part. And it was number 8! Haha. I just wrote the first step, so atleast I have 1 point.

After that, I went out the campus with friends. Daaaamn we're so many. :) Haha, and rode a jeepney and went to the mall and watched UP. Okay, so I feel lazy to elaborate more. But bottomline: He just made me happy :) and guess that's what matters, right?

I can't seriously describe the feeling. But.. okay, imma give this a shot.

There's always a time in life where in you think your whole world is falling apart, right? When everything turns to dust and you're left with nothing but your jaded self. And you seem to think there's no hope to grab on, but suddenly.. someone suddenly comes into your life, grabs a scotch tape, and heals your broken heart. Well I'm currently feeling something like that. And I know I deserve him. Hopefully.

I tried my best to elaborate what I'm feeling. I might have failed but.. I know you get the picture. :)

Happy happy birthday to my bestfriend, Mikee, by the way. I love her to death! :D

word of the day: wretched and nausea.
Written at Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | back to top

I feel... wretched. I need rest. I need sleep. My AYBAGS seriously annoy the hell out of me. I look like some kind of a sullen, jaded kid. If you know exactly what I mean. And it's not cool, you know? I was never a fan of emo people.

The test in Filipino was nerve-wracking. I felt nauseous and I thought I was going to vomit right then and there. Well, truth is. I wasn't really feeling well the whole time. I would fake a smile or two just to make people think I'm fine.

The only part I despised in the test in AP was the Etnolinggwistiko thingy. I haven't really read anything about it in the book, because I wasn't informed earlier about it being included in the test. So.. screw that. Had blank spaces. :|

And in Business Math? Haha. I didn't study. I don't know. I just felt like there's no point in doing so because I really can't understand it. I mean, I know the formulas and the likes. I just don't know how to do it the right way. Screw that. Heh. Let's just wish for a miracle. If there is any.

I think I can go tomorrow. Well, I have smooth plans. So I guess I can. Let's just see about that. Haha, fingers crossed? I badly want to be with him :) And of course, with my friends. :)

Anyway, so I was doodling with my beloved other half awhile ago. :D Twas fun. :) I love him so. Haha, nyeeeh cheesy! Bheibiiii <3 LOL.

Wrote that one out. :)

Written at Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | back to top

I woke up at around 3. I felt weird, even before I fell asleep. Guess the caffeine's kicking in, huh? Had coffee while I was studying, and then I found it hard to sleep after. Haha, For real. I really felt weird last night.

Stupid internet. I had a weak connection last night when I went online. And then before I knew it, the connection just... disappeared or what. Even on gramma's laptop. Neh, must be the dsl.

Gaaa, O_O I'm hungry. Haha, I've always been. Whaaadyaa think? I never get fat though. And that's scary. I might have a disease or something. Haha, nahh. Not even close.

I just realized that the time here in my blog's incorrect. As you can see in my previous blogs, it was as if I was blogging at dawn or during midnights. But I'm not. Haha, might fix this later.

I guess drinking coffee was a bad idea after all, I guess. :\
Haha. I feel really... energized? I can't seem to find the right word.

Oh, and It struck me earlier, We've been together for two weeks already yesterday. :D Am I correct? Haha. :D

It's 5:07 am already. Geez, been online for a while. Hafta go shower. Should I wear P.E?

til here,
Homecoming. I'm coming.
Written at | back to top

Hey, back to blogging again. Yeah, I know it's Exams week but I am soooo bored that's why I feel like blogging. And hey, don't even get me started with the "aren't-you-gonna-study?!" sermon like my mom does, because I will... Probably later. Hahaha.

Ugh, changed my blog skin. It took me hours to find a cool skin and.. I think so far, this is pretty cool. Haha, never really had a lot of problems in changing the contents and all. :)

My day went fine. The test in Bio was like.. "Whoa?! O_O" I was like, biting my fingertips as I was reading the questions cause It was so hard! There were easy parts, but of course, there were also the ones where in you have to like drain your mind because it was so hard. I wish I'll get a good score. I hope so. But I'm feeling hopeless. Soo... Haha. Goodluck with that.

Chilled with my friends earlier. I miss them so. :) They were asking me to come with them on 21, (because there will be no classes by then. Ninoy Aquino day? Not sure.) They're going to MOA to watch UP in IMAX with Matt. (Oh mii shiaat, dude.. I miss Matt. For real.) But I really think I can't go.

I feel sad. Darn it. I seriously want to come with them. It's just that.. We'll be having our House blessing this Saturday and I think gramma won't allow me and my butt to go and hang out with them while they're being busy for the preparations and stuff. :|

But good thing about that is, I think I'll be with some of my other friends on Thursday. And with Enzo too! Yey :D Haha. We'll watch a movie and probably just chill out and celebrate because the week of reckoning is finally over! Haha. Dream on, Kid. You still have two days to go, and that sucks. :|| Bigtime.

Oh well, My dear friends, (Jelyn, Chelda, Jerome, Czar, Matt) <- Have fun! ^^ Shit happens, ya know. :) Maybe next time. I promise :))

I felt sad awhile ago. Took a long time before we were dismissed. So he was waiting and.. I dunno. I feel guilty for some reason. So when we were dismissed, I put my Health and Computer books in my locker and went off with Kuya Seph, we were heading for the court. And when I went there, he was already leaving. I was missing him the whole time. :| But I am starting to forget about that. I know that we're not going to be together always. Geez, I have to accept that fact.

Uh, Computer and Health were easy. Well yeah, because I studied. This is what I like about studying. Better yet, this is the ONLY thing I like about studying. You get high grades! LOL. But aside from that... Neh. It's still lame and time-consuming. :D But I think imma make that my hobby from now on. Studyyyy! :)

So all in all, I had an "okay" day. It could've been better, though.

Still here? Three cheers for sweet revenge,
Wendy. :)
ewan ko lang.
Written at Sunday, August 16, 2009 | back to top

1st day of exams.

ayos naman. mukhang line of 8 lang ako sa ELA. tae, panira ng record e. e kasi naman, yung di ko pinag-aralan, yun pa lumabas! dedo tuloy ako nung nagsasagot. parang.. wala lang, taga-ibang bundok. di pa kami makapag-wifi at bluetooth (kopyahan) nila paula kasi ang higpit ni sir glenn. pero okay lang yun! atleast.. haha.

nung clve, okay lang naman. di ko masyado nasagutan ng mabuti yung essay. tinatamad na kasi ako at inaantok. pero.. basta yun. haha.

pero promise, titino na ako bukas. haha!

nga pala, ako naglead ng prayer kanina. saya e. akalain mo yun, di ako nasunog? haha. ang saya talaga. tapos.. uh.. tapos na. \:D/

mag-aaral pa pala ako. at kachat ko siya ngayon! wipeee! :D
he'll read this. i know ^^ ILOVEYOU ^^

anyway, bago pa ako lamunin ng mga langgam dito.. at sobrang antok na ko dahil umuulan. masama din medyo pakiramdam ko. di gumagana enervon saken. saklap talaga. kala ko ba more energy mas happy? pweh. haha.. kalokohan!

sana makapagcommute ako ulet kasama si mikee. kahit ang taray ng babaeng yun! mahal ko kaya yun. haha :D

yun o. hindi na english. tinatamad nga kasi ako. at.. di ko alam kung saan na direksyon ng buhay ko ngayon. basta anjan siya, mga kaibigan ko na bangag, family ko.. ayos na. :D

kailangan ko na lang.. oras para mag-ayos ng nakaraan. :)
maaayos din to.

wendy, :D
hindi kailangan laging nag-eenglish.
Written at | back to top

Hindi ko kailangang mag-english ngayon.

Ewan ko ba, pero parang magkakaproblema ulit.

Maayos na buhay ko e. Maayos grades ko, okay kami ng friends ko, andyan naman si Enzo.. kaso lang. Ewan. Basta parang.. may conflict talaga.

I mean, di naman talaga maiiwasan e. Kasi nga, ayun. Basta. Ang gulo e. Pero ako nga siguro ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakaganito. Para kasing, ang sakit din sa part ko. Knowing na, may past at ang laking effect nun.

Ang gulo talaga. :(

Ewan. Mag-aaral na lang siguro ako ulit. Matutulog ng mga 9:30. Magising ng maaga mamaya. Ayusin at i-practice ang prayer ko para sa flag ceremony bukas ng umaga. At mag-aral na naman. pagdating ng school, mag-aaral pa rin. makipag-usap sa mga kaibigan na para bang wala akong nararamdaman na iba, makipagbiruan, hanapin si Enzo.. makasama si Enzo. at.. yun.

nakakainis talaga. :(
sana hindi na lang nagkakaganito.
ang sakit isipin na parang, "panira" ako.

sana, hindi siya ang unang pag-awayan namin. sana.. hindi siya ang magiging dahilan ng pagkalas ni Enzo saken. Lord, wag naman sana siya.

Kasi hindi ko ata mapapatawad ang sarili ko pag nangyari yun.

Marami na kasi akong kabiguan e. Actually, di naman marami. Konti pa lang. pero ayokong madagdagan yun.

Una, di ako magiging awardee ngayon.
Sunod, natalo ako bilang level rep ng SG.
Pangatlo na jan ang pagiging muse ko. Di ko naman ata hinangad e. Sabi ko sergeant at arms! bakit muse? kakatanga. Amf.

Ayoko ng madagdagan pa yan.
Masaya na akong ganito. tanggap ko ng lahat ng bagay na gusto ko hindi ko makukuha.

pero please.. kahit siya lang, itira niyo sa'kin?
wag na sanang mangyari ang kinakatakot ko.


i love you friends! enzo, lahat ng tao sa mundo! :D
A day before the week of horror.
Written at Saturday, August 15, 2009 | back to top

Sunday. I slept late last night, been surfing the net and had the guts to play Resto City and Pet Society even though next week's our First Periodical Test.. I don't know, I feel weird. :| It was awesome. Haha. :)

I'm studying for ELA and CLVE and I just thought that it might help me if I blog cause I can't seem to concentrate because It's been days since I had my last blog.. Well it seemed like ages to me.

Anyway, so my grandmother went to my room earlier and boom! She yelled at me and asked me to take off all the posters in my room cause it will damage the wall or what... What the heck? Haha, I mean i'm used to her nagging habits but I just find it over-reacting and senseless to nag about posters? Ha, I seriously can't stand it. Well, honestly.. Ugh.

We'll bless our house next week, that's why they're all getting ready. And I'm so stoked because I still have to review more. I have to get good grades this quarter, but I'm not hoping for any medals or recognitions because I know that I won't have one. Damn it. Damn Math. :| Still okay for me though, gotta do my best next quarter and make my parents proud! Oh yeah.... hahaha, :) Now that's the spirit.

Neh, I miss Enzo. And I'm still feeling guilty about what he told me last night. I know that things are changing between him and "him" because of me. And I didn't have any intention to ruin their friendship but I think I'm slowly doing it.. I mean, what's the point? I don't even get "him". He's been cold to Enzo, for any stupid reason. Well all I have to say is... If it's because of me, then heck he has one big NAIVE as*. It took me years to like... forget about everything and it took me a long duration of time to make a fool out of myself. It sucks, I know.. And now he's doing this?!?!

Daang. When will this end?

See you later. :||

Busy week before the week of reckoning. :D
Written at Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | back to top

I'm sleepy and tired, and my Bio book is waiting for me. It demands to be opened. We have our post-test in Bio tomorrow, and I have to really study! I don't want to fail or what. I've never failed in Bio, so I have to maintain that. :]

Today was dragging. We already presented our play in ELA and it was.. a success? I don't know. It was before I found out that some of my classmates graded us (because they were the ones who were assigned to grade each respective group) 84. I don't know why, and yes.. I know it's kind of.. offensive to complain about our grade because honestly, we ran out of time to practice before the play, so it was not really perfect. But I really think we don't deserve to be graded as such. Since I know some of them, or even most, were happy about what we presented. I don't know but it seemed like.. really weird? for me and my group as well. But yeah, I guess I just have to let that slide and forget about that. We had a total score of 86%. Screw that.

So much happened at school. So far, I think I'm having the good start. "Good" but not really satisfies me that much. I don't know. My grades are fine, just fine. And I know I can always strive for more and do more than fine because I know that I can do it. If only I could be damn studious. :( Nehhh. There's three more quarters to go!! :)

Anyway, back to what happened. :D

Ugh, I'm running out of words. Well, we had this activity in Bio and twas fun for me because I held a fish! I held a fish and we were supposed to peek at the microscope and examine it's tail. At first, Paula (my hun) named it smoochie but we were fooling around so we named it Enzo. Haha. That was so.. weird. LOL. Enzo the fishyyy. :) I was really careful not to choke the fish as I was holding it. It seemed fragile. Well, duh.. It is. Haha. Thank God it's still alive :)

Dismissal time. Haha. As always, I was with Enzo (Enzo my boyfiee and not Enzo the fishyy. Haha) He told me he was going to go home early with Jen Riel so I was left at the bleachers with the rest of my friends. We were fooling around, saying stupid yet funny stuff, and Renz was always taking a stolen picture of me and was close to dying because he was like.. laughing because of my face and I'm so used to it already. Haha :)

Enzo came back again with Jeff and Jen and he sat beside me. And yadayada :D Jeff was fooling around asking me bizzarre questions like.. "Pwede ba manligaw." And I was just pointing at Enzo and he would smile. ;) Jeff also asked me if I was serious with him and I said yes. He asked the same to Enzo and Enzo said "Oo naman. Mahal na mahal ko to e." and I was.. blushing when he said that. LOL xD Kilig much?

Eh. I just noticed. This is the first blog entry where in I mentioned Enzo's name. Haha :) It's our first weekkkkk :D and yeah, you'd probably get tired seeing Enzo's name here in my blog. Because he WILL always be here. ;)


so that's it? It's kinda late and I have to do some real reading. Bohahaha \:D/

Wendy <3
I love you like the value of pi <3
Written at Monday, August 10, 2009 | back to top

one word: BUSY.

Been busy with stuff. School stuff. Projects, presentations, reports, quizzes, periodical tests, damn.

Honestly, If he's not around in school, I feel like.. fainting. Which I was close to doing earlier, by the way. Good thing my friends and him are there so that I can have someone to laugh with and what.

I loved the presentation in ELA! Those two groups who presented. I really laughed out loud with Paulo and Honey who were imitating Boy and Kris. Haha. Atleast, I forgot how stressed I was that time. Laughter is indeed, the best medicine.

Music time was fun too. :) I heard funny lines. WAHAHAHA. Deemmmm. XD
Math was okay, atleaaastt <3

I was with him after we got dismissed, he accompanied me to my locker and.. yadayada. Haha. We'll be together for one week tomorrow! Gee, one week already! hahaha. LOL <3

So.. til here? Since I'm really really busy.

Even my bestfriend wants to beat me up for saying your name TOO much. <3
Written at Saturday, August 8, 2009 | back to top

Gaaa. Saturday. Haha.

Wasn't able to attend volleyball, I woke up at around 6:50 and BOOM, I felt my neck and I was burning. So.. I wasn't able to attend volleyball AND the meeting in ELA. bummer. I know my group mates were bummed out, and they did nothing. I'll just talk to them and explain our project on Monday. Yeaaah, right. I just hope they'll listen. Well they better be. Haha.

Hmm, nothing much is happening. I feel so sleepy. I sleep every 30 minutes and I think I'm being disrespectful to those people I'm texting. No, wait. To that person I'm texting.

Confusion is currently reigning over me. But NOOO. It's him. him. him. :D This will last. this will. this will. this will.

Haha, He was really pampering me, because he knew that I was sick and he was like.. "Eat a lot," and I was sooo blushing again. I guess I do love him for reals.

Hahaaa. That's all I guess. I'll be spending time online until 12, (i'm still unsure, though.)

cheers! *
wendy, :D
..and you're the reason why I download love icons. :D
Written at Friday, August 7, 2009 | back to top

I had a normal (yeah right *sighs*) Pretty normal day, I guess. Except for the fact that I have to deal with freakin' people at school.

The morning was fine. Same old routine. I arrived early at school, grabbed my A.P book and started reading while chitchatting with my fellow early birds. Sweaaar, I love talking to them. Haha, I'd always burst into a roar of laughter because of them. :D

I saw my batchmates, but no him. because he arrives kind of late but that's okay. ;)

He accompanied me to my locker, and carried my books while I carried his. haha. I had a lot of books which were from my locker compared to his, so he carried those damn heavy books.

We said our goodbyes infront of our classroom and he said his words again, which sent my blood boil to the highest level, and so I was blushing so haaarddd.

The post test in AP was okaaay, I wrote a freakin' long essay about Cory Aquino and I was sooo proud of it. :D It just proves how devoted I am to her and her contributions.

So anywayyy.. We only had 10 minutes recess because Sir Jian got pissed with us. Damnnn it. I'm not used to seeing Sir Jian with a straight, angry face. I'm sooo bummed out. But later on, I said sorry personally. and I just hope he appreciated it. He did, right? He should.

I haven't seen him then, but I saw him at Lunch. We were together, and I was so happy. :)

Ugh, about that TLE thing. We were doing our project which was due (and rescheduled) on Tuesday, and I swear WE WERE QUIET THAT TIME, when Sir Reymer suddenly told us that we were noisy. DAMN! we weren't! I promise. We really weren't. I was sooo confused. He even pointed his finger at us, indicating and assuring us that we were the group he was talking about. So I was like.. "what? us?" and yeaah, it haunted the hell out of me. Kuya Seph and I looked at each other and I just managed to shrug.

He even said, after he dismissed the class, that we were the ones (our group) that are going to present first. FIRST! for the Oral Defense. Screw that oral defense. Goood. What is wrong with you people?!? :|

So I was like, really screwed up until PE. the quiz in PE was haaaard, but I was able to answer the questions. Thank God. :D

Yeaaah and blahblah.

We were dismissed before 4, so I had time to mingle with my friends at the court. We talkeeedd, (mostly me and angel [reggie]) about things. And I was so distracted because I had to go up again to see him because they were supposedly dismissed at 4:40 and we (grench and I) ended up waiting until 5. darn it! But it's still okay. I was able to see him anyhow. :)

Marko gave me his chocolate already. I was about to give him the other one but he refused, so I gave RK and Roger the other one. Haha.

So, that's it. :) Before he went out, he said his words again, and I said it back. And booom! :D

Daaaaarn, someone's been so sweetttt. Someone managed to put a big heart on the volleyball court (with the use of pink and red umbrellas) for their anniversary. It was so damn sweeeeet.

Haha. Sweet, sour and tiring day.

til here, perhaps? XD

August 4th spells happiness <3
Written at Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | back to top

"I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you."

I've been in a state of depression - I won't say that It's frequent but i'm pretty sure that I bumped into that situation. It may only happen rarely, but yet again, the pain will always be there.

And still, there's always going to be that someone who will take away the pain, thus replace it with deep love and affection. I found it now, I've been looking for it for quite a long time now. And finally.. it's here.

in short, taken na ako! :D

haha. and with whom, you ask?
the guy who I call my vampire. <3


Shortened lang kami ngayon. Haha. So medyo bitin nga ang oras para makisalamuha pa with mendelites and him :) Though sinamahan naman niya ako sa locker kanina. XD tapos nung uwian din, magkasama kami. :D nakakatuwa lang. Kasi pag kasama ko siya, feeling ko ang gaan ng feeling. Yun bang parang, no worries and all nga? Know that kind of feeling? Yeaaaah. Something like that. I'm really glad, kasi yun.. I find him sincere naman and devoted to what he was doing.

Anyway. Nung lunch, kasama ko yung mga girls. Di ako nagbaon, so I had to really buy or else I'll be left starved to death. And we were talking about whether or not sasagutin ko na ba. Sabi nila, patagalin pa daw. Just to see if he's really serious nga. I agreed naman since that's like.. the only way para malaman if he's really sincere and to avoid severe heart aches na din in the end.

Pero the activity in RHGP really left me slack-jawed. It was about those 6 persons daw who are very important to you. You have to write them on a piece of paper. Later on, Sir Glenn read a story, tapos sabi dun, ilagay daw namin sarili namin sa sitwasyon na yun. What if may boat and you have to choose 1 person lang na makasama, kasi nga hindi na daw kasya or kaya or what nung boat. So I picked my mom, siyempre.

After nun, we passed the piece of paper tapos sinabi na ni Sir Glenn yung ineexpect niyang marealize namen na life is too short daw and we really have to make the most out of it. If we love a person, we should tell it and waste no time and making them feel how special they are. So then, it struck me. I had to tell him something. I consulted my bestfriend Czar about this and sabi niya, sagutin ko na daw. Kasi nga he's sincere naman and all. So.. yun.

Nagpatulong na din ako kay TK para makahanp ng biscuits na bilog, gagayahin ko dapat yung sa oreo. Haha. :D pero wala din e, kayaa I had to find an alternative para sabihin sa kanya yung.. tungkol dun..

Nasabi ko rin and.. pooof. kami na ngaaaa. <3

Nung umuwi na siya, he said his "words" and after he said his goodbye, nagpunta ko dun sa kabilang parking lot, tapos naiwan ako ng service! Good thing andyan pa si Jelyn so nagpahatid na rin ako sa kanya. Baet talaga ng dad nun. Hahaaa. Ayun :D

so much with that :)
ALERT: In Love.
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After a long duration of sheer frustration, I guess I can really say it. I'm in love. <3
I wish we can be like this forever, :D

L. <3

he now has my heart. ^^
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I have lots of things to do. And it's a sunday!
Happy happy birthday Cheldaaaa! I wish you all the best in life. :D I love you for realll.

So anyway, yes, it's a Sunday. I have a sh*tload of things to do.

Project in Music.
Project in ELA (find the appropriate clothess!!)
Project in TLE

projects. :|

But then, I'm feeling lazyy. And i feel sleepy. Haha.
Tomorrow's Monday, and i'm so ready to hear James and Yuri's names. I know they won against me, and that's okay. :D I guess? Haha. I don't really know. I mean, if they really win, then they should promise to do their jobs well. :]] I just hope they really will. XD

I ammm sooo in lovee. <3
stupidity and fun combined.
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July 25, 2009.

Me and my party people friends. :D
Hahaaa. someone's stupid enough to trip over her shoe lace and humiliate herself in front of everyone. haha. I wonder who that girl is. <3
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..for the most humble president of the Philippines.

I believe that you did your job well. And that you deserve the nation's sympathy.
God bless and rest in peace.


i'm so freakin' back. Maan, missed blogging.

Happy birthday sir Glennn! :D I luff you to deattth. ^^

anyway, so yeaaah. i'm so lazy. i haven't even blogged about Yuri's birthdayyy and it was saved on my sister's pc which is.. effin' broken right now! demmet. hahaaa. predicament much?

today.. is a very HAPPY day for me.
no wait. i think so.

I broke the silence with J. because I chatted with Camille earlier. and damn, i felt guilty. So I really had no choice but to.. avoid J. No, i mean. we can still be friends right? :D

And.. I am. In love. with. E. :D
Niyahaaaa. intriguing, i know. XD

so, lemme keep this short. TK (Thalia) has a blooggg already. haha. so proud of my shobe. :D one of my lil sis in first year. And I read Abby's (labs) blogs because my name was there, and I felt great because atleast she really cares about me and my stupiddd f*ed up life. :D thank you dearie, ilove you.


haha. Kamsahamnida for reading. XD
til here since I'm still lazy. Be back sooon? xD