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Written at Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | back to top

"I love you, you enormously stubborn pain in the ass." - Blair Waldorf.

Gossip Girl much? Haha. Super adeek na ko sa kanila e. Haha.

Ah, yooon. la pa rin pasok. super super nakakabore naaaa. Gusto ko na nga pumasok e. Wala lang, gusto ko lang. Gusto ko makakita ng mga tao. Tssss.

So di talaga nagtetext yung taong yuuun. Edi wag. Haha, problema ba yun. Gagawin ko na lang ang lagi kong ginagawa --> Magpamiss. haha.

Hmn, la akong masyadong ginagawa dito. pc lang, tapos minsan nuod, minsan din magtext. Umaalis rin kami, pero gusto ko talaga yung roadtrip e, as in yung sa malayo.. WTF, namimiss ko tuloy yung province.

Bakit ganun? I mean.. Ayoko ng ganito. Parang nakaka-ano.. Grr. May namimiss ako. :|| Fcccck. Di pwede to. No. No. No.

Miss ko na si Enzo. Ilang days pa o. Sheeesh.

Yun lang, katamad mag-english. Magpetsoc na lang ako. Pulubi ako dun eehh. :> Haha. Ayuun. Sige. Buh-bye. :D

And I don't want the world to see me, Cause I don't think that they'll understand.
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Haven't blogged about yesterday again! Oh bite me! Grr.

Yesterday was a fun day, actually. :) Haha. Had fun with MENDEL, yey! We watched The Wizard Of Oz at Gladys' crib and twas awesome. Man, they have a cool house.

Okay so.. I'll try to recall.

I arrived at Gladys' crib at around.. 12:30. Yeah, that seems right. When I got there, the only people were Annaflor and Gladys herself. I said my greetings to Gladys' mom, (Yes, I'm one polite kid, yo. HAHA.) Honey was next after me. She wanted me to come with her at SV Montessori for some private things, LOL. after a while, I received a text message from babe (Caryl)

"Babe..san ka na? 7 11 na kami.."

And so I dragged myself and went to 7-11. Caryl, Paula, Rodel, Marc and Dhyrell were there. So I welcomed them and we went to Gladys' house again. Honey was like bugging me all the time cause she wants me to accompany her. I didn't like the idea at first, because I know I'd just be out of place there, cause she's going to meet a bunch of fourth years and well.. It's kind of awkward for me. I'm a shy person, what the hell! Haha.

But then I had an idea. I wanted to visit Grench cause I had lots of things to report to him. LOL, yeah, report? Haha. Profound much? And his subdivision's just near the Eusebio residence. So I invited Caryl to go with me, and if Paula wants to go with Honey, I told her it's fine with me. But Paula wanted to go with us, so.. Honey was like sobbing na. Haha, kidding. She was with a sad face when we left her, but I hope she really understands us. I mean, we couldn't just go around with a bunch of people we hardly know. So.. I wished her goodluck! Haha.

We entered Greatwoods subdivision. Grench's place. I texted him to come out of their house but he was still eating. So we just stayed near their court. After some time, he asked me to ring the doorbell and so I did.. His mom went out, and welcomed us. We went inside, and boom! There were so many saints and holy stuff inside their house, I felt like I was going to burst into flames. HAHA, :D His mom's nice. :) After eating, he went with us because we were supposed to go and follow Honey at SV Montessori. But when we reached the gate of Greatwoods, I was like.. "Why do we have to go there in the first place?" And they agreed. Nyahaha. So we went back and left Grench at their house. Funny thing, we never really had a productive walk. It's mainly nonsense. It's like we just went out of the subdivison and went back again. LOL. Funneeeeehh. Sheesh.

Anyway, we rode a tricycle to go back to Gladys' place again. There were lots of Mendelites na when we arrived. Great. It was lotsa fun. I was in the mood to make kwentos about the things I know they weren't really interested in. ROFL. But of course, they love it, how I deliver my stories. Feel na feel ko kasi. Haha. So.. yeah.

All in all, we were 23. I think? Cool. Watched The Wizard Of Oz. It's a fun movie, and i'm having positive vibes about it. I didn't like my costume, though. It's so.. puffy, and girly and whatnot. Well I like gowns.. Just that. It's so.. puffy! I'll probably look stupid, but of course.. I'm so used to that. Haha.

I'll try to tell mom about it so that we can ready it now. I don't want to run with those things in the last minute. It's much better to be ready, right? Besides.. the plays only two months away. And I can't help but get excited. Hooraaah.

Max read my inbox and sent items. Darn, he's right. I know. I'm being a little... too.. uhm. what's the word again? Okay, forget about that. I know, I shouldn't entertain things as such but.. I mean, we're friends and that's all! Anyway, I have to like thank Max for a lot of things. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't realize things I really need to think about. Thank you, lande!

After watching, Gladys' mom served us Carbonara! Maaan, it's so delish. We ate and took a couple of pictures after. I was so in the mood that time, despite someone's grumpiness. Damn. If he's not in the mood to text, then he could just tell me, right? I felt really bad. And.. well, yeah. So much for that.

We decided to call it a day, and I said goodbye to my classmates. :) Had fun with you guys! Superb. Haha. Caryl, Paula and I were off to SM Molino cause Paula's going to buy an umbrella. Haha, so we went there before I went home. Twas fun. I saw Adi from SSI. :) She's really pretty. And I saw Rollyn too! Who didn't attend the meeting. She said they had some place to go to that's why she wasn't able to attend. And I like looking at her, cause she's wearing violet, and all her stuff, from her toenails to her bag were all violet. Haha, my baby's a violet addict, I know.

We saw Teacher Roda in Tom's World too. We were about to ask her about the suspension of classes but we got shy, so.. Haha.

Anyway, yeah! Good news. No classes til Friday! Darn, isn't this awesome. Have faith! :D Haha, but i've been hearing news about the resume of classes tomorrow? Iono. Hope it isn't true. Please, Mrs. Sese, please?

Back to the story.. Haha. After a couple of minutes, we decided to go home. Daarn, we haven't actually bought something. Weird. Haha. But I love hanging out with Caryl and Paula, you know?! They're so funny. Anyway, I went home at about 5:30. Had the chance to go online, and texted until midnight. Daaamn, he's really grumpy and it felt like he wasn't in the mood. So I didn't text him, cause I felt like.. You know, I have to NOT text him. Starting now.

I fell asleep without replying on Rk's messages. Sorry, Maaan. Oh, and no.. I didn't subscribe to Unyt last night. I wasn't in the mood. Darn. :/Bold


Okay, so I removed him on my groups already. (Groups of people whom I send group messages) And I hope I wouldn't be tempted to put him back again, although I know I will in a matter of time. Sheesh.

Haven't had breakfast nor lunch. I'm starving myself. A form of sacrifice, perhaps? Haha. Cheese sticks, anyone?!

I guess this is where i'll try to end this blog post. Is this long already? I hope so. :D

Be Back Soon. <3
- Wendy.
Me plus You. <3
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Hey ya'll! :)

How are you people? Really hope everything's fine with all of you, what with all the bad things I've been hearing on the news. It's been days of rain, days of sadness and misery. A lot of things were destroyed and people died. It's just too awful to even think about it.

Anyway, haven't blogged yesterday. But I was actually on the computer for a couple of hours until 11pm, cause bff called again. But this time, we slept at 12am, which was pretty new cause we talked until 3am the last time, and twas awesome. Haha, he's a nice person, i tell you. and super "matatakutin" too. And that's funny. I mean he's funny and all. Ugh. Tev.

Can you believe it? No classes today! Amazing. I don't know what I did that made God grant my request, but.. I love you God and thank you for hearing me out! Haha, just like what my Clve teacher says, "Have faith." And I did.. see what happened?

All in all.. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday <- four days of bliss. Thank you Lord, thank you so much! :) I deserve this.. no I mean, we do. After all the tiring days at school, this is like.. the cream of the crop or whatever you call it. neh.

I had a good day and night yesterday/last night, LOL. Yesterday morning was quite boring. I watched dvd's/series and then finally had the chance to use the computer. I was using it until night. Grench and me played Jamlegend. And then boom, I texted 222 and found out that I had no load left, but.. funny thing about that is.. I can still send text messages. LMAO. Ferreal. And so I texted bff before he called, and blahblah. so yeah, he called and it's so annoying because the line cuts off frequently. And he would call again and ask,

G: Bat naputol?
W: Kaw kasi e.
G: Ako na naman...

Haha, Had pretty cool conversations with him. XD He's a great guy, actually. No wonder girls are so into him.

Anyway, you guys know Justin Bieber, right? Haha, who doesn't? Well, damn. He's just so cute.

He's HOT, period.

Okay so Enzo probably wants to cut off my head right now for saying this kinda things, but hey! Haha, He's my only one. Yiee, cheezie stuff. Man, makes me wanna gag. :D

So I have to stop talking about how hot Justin Bieber is. :))

I'll be the one to register to Unlicalls - Night tonight. And I guess I'll call bff again and scare him to death, wahaha. SADAKO! :D funny kid.

I guess this is done, then?
See ya around.

Lost and insecure, You found me.
Written at Saturday, September 26, 2009 | back to top

Now Playing: You found me - The Fray.

And so I'm back!

It's been a lazy day, all I did was sleep. I woke up at around 6pm, and was startled to hear bad news about people dealing with flood and other stuff. Even Christine Reyes has her own adversities too. Daaarn it, this is what I hate.

Now Playing: That's What You Get - Paramore.

I seriously don't know what to blog about. But, I'm going to give this a shot.

I am so in love with Second Year Mendel, my beloved. I love hanging out with them, they make me laugh and makes my day. Aside from Enzo, I would die not seeing them at school. The bondings are just superb. We're all close with Sir Glenn, and I really appreciate all the efforts and care he's been giving us. He's like a second father to us already.

I love hanging out with Paula, Caryl, Max, Czar and Kuya Seph. They're all so fun and wild. But of course, I play no favorites here. They're just the ones I'm usually with during recess or lunch. They're all nice.. and pervs. LOL.

8 days to go before October 4. Wow, it's been 2 months already!

Now playing: Something - Escape The Fate.

Can't wait for October 4. 2 months of bliss already. Whoa, that's fast. Thanks to him, I'd live a life of happiness, hopefully. I didn't even think it'll be him I'll end up with, but it's not impossible. :)

What else is there to blog about?

Uhh, I'm missing First Year Dalton already. All the bondings and stuff. The "barahan" and all. I miss it all. I miss Teacher Johna too. And of course, all of the Daltonians out there! Keep in touch, guys. I'm missing you loads.

Now Playing: Faint - Linkin' Park.

So.. this is a public blog. And I know people are reading my blog, whether I know you or not. Good thing I don't blog about certain people with their names on it. That would probably send me to hell. HAHA, This blog will remain public (I think) for the sake of the stalkers (kidding!), I'm fully aware of what I'm blogging about and they're all clean, and very decent.

I want to write a story, about.. something. I just don't know what it is! Damn. But all I know is, I really want to write a new short story like Until My Heart Bursts. But I don't to write about tragic endings anymore. I want to write about a sad ending, to make people realize that not every endings are happy. Dying is not a happy thing, right? And that's where it all ends. So how can you say it's a happy ending when you actually died in the end? Heh, I don't know. I don't want to write about tragic endings, I DON'T WANT TO! I just want to write about.. maybe something shattering. Like, boy leaving a girl, or vice-versa. Something like that. Heck, I'm a random lil kid, I know.

Now Playing: Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer.

I miss my dad ferreals. Good thing October 3 is fast approaching. I'm so excited! Hopefully, I'll have Brand New Eyes in my hands and I'll get to watch Boys Like Girls with Katy Perry. I love my dad, HAHA. :)) I'm not bothered by him and mom being separated and all that. I'm used to it. I mean.. It's much better that way than seeing them with flying plates everyday, right? Atleast they can act civil in public. And they're friends. They're always reminding me (even when I was still a kid) that even though they're not together, they love me and that will never change. My mom even assures me that I'm not a -- "Mistake". Well.. My mom annoys me at times. She acts like a teen, and I feel like I'm the old one when we're together. But.. I love her to death, like my dad. :D

Now Playing: Fidelity - Regina Spektor.

"It breaks my heeaaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aarrrt."

What actually breaks my heart is the fact that people change as time goes by. You seem to think that you already know the person and then he/she suddenly changes like the weather. And then you'll realize that you don't know him or her anymore, and that you'll have to go back to Step 1 and get to know each other - again.

I can't afford to do something like that. I don't want people to change for the worse. I mean, they can always improve. But I don't like the idea that they're changing because people are telling them to. It's like wearing a mask. You should change, because you want to. Not because people are telling you to.

Now playing: Miracle - Paramore.

I guess I've shared some random things already. I think I'll probably go now. Thanks for reading, btw. :))

See you tomorrow. Love you guys!

You know that I could use somebody.
Written at Friday, September 25, 2009 | back to top

Now Playing: Use Somebody (KoL cover) - Paramore

It's raining cats and dogs, and I feel gloomy.

I don't even want to move an inch nor do anything strenuous this day. I just want to kill my time in front of this laptop, download a couple of songs or text. It's soo.. yeah, boring.

Woke up at around 8am, checked my phone. 21 messages all in all. I read all of their Group Messages which contains ramblings about the weather. It's signal number 1, I guess. Oh well..

Hey, I just noticed, it's 12:22 pm already (got my eyes on the right clock of this laptop) and well.. The mighty sun's absent, or maybe.. asleep? It's so dark! Darn. It doesn't seem like an afternoon at all. Haven't thought about the idea of living in Forks but now it seems like it.

Been thinking about doing some literary works next month; October. Well basically, October's a very special month for me. It's a memorable month. Haha, I'm totally kidding! I just like the sound of the month, I guess. October.. It sounds so jaded and melancholic. Or maybe I'm just influenced by Evanescence's song called "October". Oh what the hell, this doesn't make any sense. Haha.

Anyway.. I want to go out even if it's raining. I want to play in the rain! :) Like what I'm always doing when I was just a kid. Or.. yeah, whatever.

I seriously don't know what to blog about. I miss the province, ferreaaals!

Will be back later, I guess.
Somewhere weaknesses are strength.
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Not a random day. :)

AP day, we were tasked to wear the "kasuotang pinoy", that's what they call it, I think. LOL. Yeah, so I wore this annoying outfit, because it looks like a Filipiniana but to tell you the truth, it really isn't. I wore my favorite black dress and snatched a Filipiniana over all on my mom's closet. I looked like a grandmother, for Chrissakes.

When I entered the court, Wrenzo and Max were as startled as I was when I first saw myself in the mirror this morning. Honestly, I looked like shit. But they were telling me that I looked nice, Max even told me that I looked Hot. Is it my fault that my figure's like this? Heck.

Had the usual routine before the assembly. I was in the bleachers with my batchmates and Dan was teasing me to death! Haha, he was telling me that my outfit looked like tablecloth and that I really looked like a gramma. Dan says funny stuff, honestly, but I still tell him he's corny.

Anyway, I hate seeing girls wearing malong when they can do so much better! :) There are lots of pretty girls in the batch, to tell you the truth. But they just don't do extra effort for themselves. Seriously, I like make up now. Haha, not the "vain" ones, but the weird ones. Like maybe.. a green eyeliner or something. It looks cool. :D Oh, but that's another story :)

I was sitting in the bleachers and I got irritated at Francis. Daaamn, haha. He's finding ways to annoy me. Whether it's by "barahan" means or what. I don't even know why I still consider him my friend, but yes... He is.

Went to my locker after the assembly. Enzo was there, he was with me. YEY! :D I felt happy. And Bff was there too. LOL. :) Hell, He's statuesque figure amazes me, until now. But.. I love my Enzo e ;P

LALALA. AP time was fun! Maan, I totally love the fashion show. I laughed at what Rodel and I were doing. "Hinaharass mo si Rodel!" Was all Sir Glenn said followed by his and my classmates laugh. :D We were runner ups in the Miss and Mr. Kasuotang Pinoy and Paula and Max won. I am so proud of the two of them! :) Two of my best friends in Mendel, haha. XD

Kinda went random after that. Got a perfect score in the quiz in Filipino, hmm.. Laughed out loud during TLE, because of Dhyrell. :D My stomach ached after that. I was laughing cause Argie pulled off Dhyrell's soldering pen from the socket/outlet without him knowing, and he was still using it, without knowledge of what Argie did. So I was laughing because of his face, which looked like he's taking a dump, while using the pen with his PCB. :D

P.E was okay, Kuya Seph's bugging me, LOL :D and Wilson's stepping on my feet, because we were practicing the basic step on a dance, I just forgot what kind of dance it was. Okaaay, so blame me now. :D

Early dismissed, at exactly 3:50. :D Went to my locker, and then to the bleachers with Angel (Reggie) talked about things I wasn't actually glad to find out. But.. Haha, what can I do? I don't make decisions for that person, he has his own mind already. The heck, I promise not to waste my time for him, starting, 3..2..1..

And then I called Joshua (First Year). I was fooling around with him, along with my friends when he suddenly said something.. Boom! Koko Krunch. Damn, I was so embarrased! But It felt funny, so I laughed and laughed. :) Joshua's a funny person for reaaaal. XD

9 days to go before October 4. YEY! :)

One heck of a blog post, nyahaha. :D I love you, you reader!
Simple stuff makes me happy. :)
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Hindi ako nakapagblog kahapon, tungkol sa recollection. Masaya siya, pramis. Siguro nga, ito yung pinaka valuable, memorable at most treasured na recollection ko buong buhay ko. HAHA. :) Hindi puro drama, repentance and same kind of stuff. Super fun, super cool, at dami ring aral na matututunan. :D

To start with is.. Yung place. Ang ganda, super solemn and all. Perfect nga siya, tsaka ang linis. Maaliwalas tignan, kaya ayun. :) Maganda yung atmosphere and it will really set your mood happy.

And of course, yung speaker. He's brother Obet. Super cool! As in, I like listening attentively to him. I would blink once in a while, and I never yawned even just once. Super attentive din ng buong batch, as from what I've observed. Ang galing. Marami akong natutunan from him. I like the idea din kasi na, he's not afraid to share his experiences to us. Hindi niya nililimit yung sarili niya, kumbaga. Kasi nilulugar niya rin sarili niya sa'min, and that's one thing that I really like about him. Sana, yung iba din may natutunan. HAHA. LOL :)

I was with Annaflor, Paula and Caryl. My apol, hun and babe. :) Apat kami dun sa upuan sa may chapel. Tapos ang lamig pa. :D Pero tolerable rin naman siya, kahit papaano.

Masaya nung break, kasi super pikchuran with Mendel. :D Kung anu-anong pinag-gagagawa. Ang saya rin makahalubilo yung ibang batchmates, kasi wala lang, ang saya lang talaga nila kasama! :))

We were given time to hug our friends, :) And I did. Nung una, akala ko di talaga ako iiyak. Pero nung nakita ko sila Czar, Che.. My best of friends. Naiyak na ako. Ewan ko ba, namiss ko lang din ata talaga yung Dalton. Pero sabi nga ni brother Obet, move on daw. Anak ng move on naman kasi e. Isa sa problema ko sa buhay. It would take me a gazillion years to move on. Haha, Ask Max. He knows every single thing. :) Right, lande?

So.. Leave that topic aside, Sarap pala ng feeling no. Wala lang. HAHA. Secret. BLEH :P

Super parinig kay Teacher Michelle nung uwian na, "Cher, magkakasakit ata ako! Ehem ehem! Sana rest day!" Pero wala e.. Pumasok pa rin kami the next day.


The next day.
Thursday :)

Sobrang sobrang sleepy ko talaga. Tapos nung pag-punta ko ng bleachers nung umaga, sumenyas si Dan, palitan ko daw pwesto niya kasi nakahiga sa kanya si Rk, edi pinalitan ko. Yun, higa siya. Tapos ako rin naantok, as in sobraa. Kakapagod kasi e.

Masaya naman tong araw na to, syempre. Haha, basta makasama lang Mendel, k na ko dun. :D Ayun, si Teacher Michelle pinuri yung batch. :) Natuwa naman kaming lahat, kakaflatter kasi. tapos nung Bio! Haha, aynako. Nagalaw ko ata yung aircon, pero di ko naman sinasadya! Todo asar tuloy sila, haha. Nasira ko daw siya. Lalo na si Sir Jian! Haha. Angkurni e. :D:D

Health, perfect ko yung quiz. HAHA, :D Parepareho ng score e. Kakatuwa. (evil smirk)

TLE, gawa ng project. Saya naman, na nakakabanas. Nababanas ako sa project ko :| HAHAHA.

Yun lang ata. XD HAHA. Tapos yun, uwian rin. Absent nga pala si ano ngayon. Nakakalungkot. Dami tuloy umeepal na lalaki saken, bwiset! Haha. Joke lang. HAHA, alam ko namang pogi ako e.

Si Joshua (first year :]) Nahihiya pang lapitan si ano. HAHA, torpe talaga. Naman. :D

Yun lang. Yess, taglish! Pogi. XDD

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Kasi e.

Mag-iingat kasi tayo sa pinagboblog. Dapat hindi na siguro lumaki yung issue kung hindi nagname ng names. Wag kasi ganun. One rule in this cyber world we're all in, lalo na sa blogging.. NEVER MENTION NAMES. Kasi tignan niyo, type niyo lang yung name niyo sa google or yahoo or any search bar, and poof! Matutuklasan na ang kung anu-ano. It shouldn't have been like that.

Sana rin, hindi ako nadamay no. Kasi.. Malinis po ang blog ko. Never akong nag-mention ng pangalan kasi alam kong mangyayari't mangyayari rin yan. Maiintindihan naman siguro, kung rude or bitter yung mga pinagsusulat. Kasi not all of us naman are capable of expressing our feelings verbally. I mean, honestly speaking.. I'm not good at it either. Kasi ako, sa poems at stories ko dinadaan yung nararamdaman ko. And yes, super nakakagaan ng feeling yun.

If you'll ever read this. Please. :) Kindly.. clean my name. It might not sound like it but I'm quite affected. Yes, oo. Nagboblog din ako ng hindi kanaisnais minsan, pero good thing naman, kasi I don't mention names. Sana matandaan mo yan. And I hope this will be a lesson learned, not only to you. Kung hindi pati na rin sa iba.

Despite this.. I still salute you, for standing up for yourself and for not letting anyone step unto you. But still, I hope you already learned something valuable with this situation.

And as for my friends, who got hurt and felt like they were stabbed at the back, forgive na lang po. I know that sorry can't change the fact that you've been hurt, pero you can only be forgived if you try doing so. :)

So sana, maging maayos na kayo. May naiipit din kasi dito e.



I'm giving mom the silent treatment. :| Haha, tampo lang konti. Hopefully, matatapos na rin. I can't afford to hate my mom. :D haha, really???!

Reco na bukas. HAHA, di ko kayang maging pure ang isip. dunununun, XD tapos.. dinidysmenorrhea pa ko. walanjo naman o.

can't seem to think about anything to blog about. i'll be back laterrrrrrr, xD

I can't think straight as of the moment.
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Can this get any worse?

haha, so.. i'm being a little exaggerated. I don't actually feel like a hundred hollow blocks fell right through me and therefore ruined the hell out of me, but.. I just feel like i'm shattered.. or what.

I'm hating my mom. For real.. And no.. I won't reveal anymore of anything. I just.. want to.. keep quiet and keep my thoughts to myself, I guess. I'm just giving you a clue as to what's been happening to me recently. And this is.. for the most part, the worst thing that COULD HAVE HAPPEN.

But of course.. *enlightens* there is always a good news! And.. I'm going to watch Katy Perry with Boys Like Girls here in Manila with dad! Haha, I still can't believe it.. For real. It'll be fun! Haha, my dad's like the coolest, for me.. He hangs out with me without having to worry of what others might think, and I feel the same way. It's like I'm just hanging out with my bestfriend. Maybe before the concert, I'd get to convince dad to buy me Paramore's new album, Brand New Eyes by then. Honestly.. I think.. No need to convince him about that. I'm sure he will. :) I mean.. He knows how much I love Paramore (he just saw my Paramore pin-up poster in my room) and all I can ever blab about whenever I'm with him is how awesome Hayley Williams is.

Anyway, guys.. have you checked out there "Use Somebody" cover? It's the coolest.. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXk_KVNfInU

I LMAO when I saw my gramma dancing Nobody by Wondetgirls. Like.. I just wanna die when I saw her, it looked funny. HAHA! :D

I miss Enzo.. Heck. Wish I could hang out with him.
I totally loved Friday! For real.. Haha, We only had two subjects and I felt like we're college students already! And as usual.. I effin' loathe Math!! I should get a monkey to tutor me.. I'm the dumbest kid when it comes to numbers.. Damnit.

Damn, it's a hot evening in here.. I never even thought i'd say this.. But I want it to rain now, really hard. Please?

xoxo, with so much love and kisses,
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So.. yeah. I am so back! No, wait. Na-uh, still not. I don't know. I'm just researching about our homework in P.E and I felt like blogging, because.. I miss it for reals. xD Haha.

Okay so as you might have noticed, I don't go online that much now. Seriously, man. My face is not in front of the computer these days. And you're asking why? Haha, of course.. I have to bury my face in my school books and STUDY. Yes, you read it right. STUDY.

My mom's been putting a lot of pressure in me. I mean, she's saying stuff like.. I really have to study and be an awardee now because It will never be the same anymore if I don't. I actually don't get it, but.. ugh. Nevermind. Bottomline is: I have to be an awardee!

Efff. Screw that. It's not that I don't want to be one. I mean of course! Who wouldn't want to be an awardee, right? It's just that.. I don't want to feel like a lot of people are depending on me. It's not exactly like that... But why am I feeling like it is? F.

Hmm, I have loads of things to do, seriously. I actually feel like my mind's undergoing a big maelstrom right now and I feel like I'm already forgetting the concept of breathing. I am so loaded with stuff to do! We still have to finish the script in ELA. THAT EFFIN' SCRIPT!

Oh, haven't told you yet, right? Anastasia's been changed to Wizard Of Oz. And boy, am I glad about that! No offense to those Anastasia fan girls.. Just that, I really find it boring, honestly.

^ Downside of that is, we only have two months to prepare before the play! And we still haven't watched the whole movie yet! Oh we will.. This Monday, i think?

I'm gonna be playing Glinda, the good witch of the north. HAHA, But I really want a bitchy role. HAHA, someone I can truly relate to, I guess? Neh, not kidding with that. (LMAO)

What else is there to say?

Oh yeah. The fire and earthquake drill. We had three drills today, two of which were totally tiring! And the first one was the worst! My shoe was.. decapitated. LOL, kidding! Oh well, Annaflor tripped over me when we were panicking that time, and.. well you get the picture na. HAHA, i won't buy a new one, i'll probably just go to a shoe repair shop or whatever.

Remind me again about why I'm still blogging when the truth is, we have three quizzes tomorrow? LOL, haha. All right. Probably because I really missed you guys.

And of course, I miss my ONLINE LIFE. my ONLINE FRIENDS. My MMP family. :( I feel sad about that. Good thing cellphones were invented. Gee. HAHA.

And this is where it ends. XD
I guess?
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Well hello there!

Classes got suspended at 4pm, an hour earlier than our usual dismissal time. Pretty cool. Played volleyball with Aj and the girls, haha. I am soooo laughing at myself right now! My service sucks at times. Serves me right for not attending the Vbol club anymore. HAHA, guess I deserve it now.

I hate Math, man. Seriously. FTW! I failed in the seatwork AND the quiz. I am so frustrated. This is like, the hardest lesson I've ever encountered in the number field, (LOL, number field, now where did I just get that?) But I'll get over it, hopefully. Yeah, Like I would.

And Friendship (Jen Riel) was fooling around first thing in the morning. Told me stuff that I hardly believed in. But it's just that, what If I'm the most naive person in the world and I chose to believe in the lies he fed me? That would totally destroy us. Me, and him. So, haha. Freaaakin' sucker! He was asking for forgiveness for a trillion times, and I was just letting it all pass by, but I will forgive him. I guess.

We had that Science thingy in the rooftop, and I was just laughing all through out, and I kept on saying, "Amaaazzzzing!" even though I didn't really get nor absorbed the information the guide's been feeding on our minds. I don't know why. This is weird. Yeaah, I know.

I think.. Just think, that me and Grench are going to enter that contest thing. LOL, silly! I don't even know how that thing goes. I don't know the themes and stuff. Like, hell. Haha, but yes. I will enter the contest. :) I guess - again. XD

Me and Lande (Max) had this fruitful conversation again. DAMN IT, why is he always right? I'm so sick of this. I think I actually cried, small tears. I don't know what's going on with my heart. LOL, what is exactly going on with my heart?

Gee, I GTG, I just left the laptop on my room, and I wanna play sims na. LOL. Okayy, BRB sooner than you think I will. Haha, let's just pretend that makes sense okay?

Ye know Ye love me. :D
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Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored.. and wait, I said BORED already right? Haha, yeaaaah like, 5 times? Go figure. Haha.

I am soooo bored. I wanna do something productive like maybe, wash the dishes or clean my room. But when I try to on the faucet, or to even get a sweeper, laziness is suddenly ruling over me. That's just sad. I feel like a sloth. Hoho. Sloth, slut? Haha. Both? :D LOL.

I wanna write a poem for him, well I did, but I think it seems crappy. Haha, so I haven't finished it yet. And that's just absurd, cause I frequently finish my literary works on time, but I don't know what's gotten into me nor into my system. I feel useless. HAHA.

I downloaded a lot of cellphone themes awhile ago. And I forgot the site at first, and I had to like.. GM it and when I did, there were a lot of responses! Bff and the others told me to get themes at zedge.net and ownskins.com and so I did. My current cellphone theme is Gossip girl. Oh hell yeah. Gossip girl addiction again? Well it seems like it...

No classes tomorrow! Haha, and who doesn't want that? It's cold, and when I woke up, I didn't even want to move an inch, because it's cold nga. LOL.

I took a test in Facebook awhile ago, the "What type of movie kiss are you?" and the result was, The Notebook kiss a.k.a the "under the rain kiss" which was my.. dream? LOL. I don't know, I find it sweet. Me and lande (max) talked about that last week, and he was like.. "For real? You really want that type of kiss?" and I said, "Yeah sure, it seems sweet and unique and memorable." Mind it - I said that with a grin on my face. HAHA. So he told me that he'll talk to him about that, and yeaaah. He did. LMAO.

My cousin, baby Ashleigh's so cute. Haha, she always cries whenever she feels that her mom isn't there. She can't live without her mom's presence. But she loves to play with me, she actually likes me and doesn't cry when I carry her. Does that mean that I'm a baby-magnet? LOL. Haha, I love babies to deaaaath. :D

So, this is enough?

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Saturday! :D

Haha, I feel happy amidst the cold weather today. Really now, it's kinda something! I feel wretched and sleepy due to the weather. XD

We went to MOA earlier. I don't know what happened but my mom bought me a new phone! Darn it. Haha, it's Nokia 6500 slide. Pretty slick, haha. And quite stylish for me. :D Too bad they're out of xpressmusic. That's my dream phone, haha. :D Soooo, yep. They bought me the phone and we had our groceries and stuff, and mom bought me a SUN sim for my other phone. :) Can you believe that? Haha. Cooool!

Baby Ashleigh's here, she's so adorable. No wait, capital A - Adorable. I love talking to her even though I can't decipher her words. She's so cute. Haha, XD

Nothing much interesting going on. I feel so... sleepy. though I hafta watch Banana Split. Nyahaha. No classes on Monday, again! Awesome :)

Girls Do What They Want.
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Now playing: Girls Do What They Want - The Maine

Jampacked with things to do. I haven't even done my homework in Math and the writing folio in ELA. LOL, haha. I feel okay, though. Never knew why so much can happen in just a day. :)

I laughed my heart out when we had our class in HEALTH. we were talking about breasts and stuff. Yeaah, perv? Haha, I'd be lying if I tell you i'm not. So, yeah. We were talking about basically breastfeeding and stuff. You know, haha. Those kind of stuff. Kinda makes you wanna gag, doesn't it? Haha, It's part of the lesson, and we were asking Teacher Kathryn things with regards to the topic. And of course, who doesn't want to hear "inside" jokes cracked by my classmates?

As you might have noticed, I haven't posted an entry or two this week. Well, I'm still not sure. But yeah, kinda busy now. And.. actually, to be honest, I love it. :) It's an opportunity for me to do my best this quarter. Or yeaah, like.. whatever.

Hm, I was chosen to play the role of Tatiana, the grandmother of Anastasia in our ELA week. LOL, i'll play the role of an empress for Chrissakes! And that actually amazes me. I hafta act like a queen now, though... And that would be hard but.. I'll do my best. :) Haha, Honey's playing Anastasia by the way. She totally deserves it! She's like.. so perv na now, haha. Peace, pulot. She's influenced by us. :D Just imagine our seating arrangement. I'm in front of Honey and Max is beside me, with Caryl in front of us. And Kevin and Bj too! Ang Mark! Hell. Haha, and there's Czar and Paulo at the back which makes it even worse! So now you have a clue on how RETARD we are. :D

Finally, our script's done! Hell yeah. We'll try to rock this out this time. :)

Another thing that's pushing me to do this blog.. Tomorrow's our first! And I haven't even beautify-ed my gift yet. Sloth is attacking me. :( But I will finish it before tomorrow! :)

First Friday Mass too. Nyeh. Haha, XD nothing exciting.. Oh wait, there is. :D The Recollection, which is worth a dime (550 philippine peso). At first, I though T.Michelle was really serious about the recollection being held at the AVR. I mean... C'mon! Where's the fun in that! But then, she was like.. "I was totally kidding!" And told us that it'll be in Tagaytay. COOOL! :) and it'll be an all-batch kinda thing and that's what's making it cooler. XD For me. Haha.

I think... I've shared more than enough for now. :) Haha, I'm still in the state of "what-the-fffff" because of the letter he left in my locker. It sent me shivering and smiling. WTH, :P

I love this song, Girls Do What They Want - The Maine. They're like a crossbreed of the band Boys Like Girls and Mayday Parade. Still ain't sure. Imma sucker with these things. XD

Ta-ta! Loads to do, imma go now. XD
Mom's asleep all day! Can you believe that?