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First, this is my blog. Everything I post here is all MINE unless.. otherwise stated. I do not care if you hate or dislike things I post, these are my fuckin' opinions. I don't care. This is an outlet for me to embrace reality and to express my thoughts. So your respect is needed and therefore necessary.

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Like yeah?
Goodbye sky harbor.
This ain't working out....
It's love that finds you.
He broke his own heart and I watch, as he try to r...

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Even the best fall down sometimes.
Written at Thursday, April 29, 2010 | back to top

 Now Playing: Collide - Howie Day.

I've been thinking of applying this song as my profile song here on my blog. I just love the tune and lyrics of this song! It's very meaningful. And I kind of relate to this song too.

Well anyway, I went to SM this morning with my uncle. I let him bought me this pair of shades. They're a combination of red and white. I like it. :) Anyway, I strolled and looked for a Paramore shirt but luck wasn't with me. That just sucks. Oh well. Sucks to be me.

Oh, Saturday's our expected arrival at Camiguin. We'll ride a boat tomorrow and I've heard that it's 12 hours til we get there. Awesome.. Just 12 hours to waste my time with myself. Maybe i'll just.. sleep or what.

Sorry if I didn't tell you the news, blog. Oh, right. me and Baby/Babe? He gave up on me yesterday. Like.. for real. He asked me if we could end this. And yes, it's painful. More than you will ever know. But I realized that, he's not really worth the tears and sorrow that I'm feeling. I guess I'm just really stupid to give my heart to him. Again and again. But I'm starting to learn my lessons already and I'm on the way to healing. I have to thank God for just being there. I know he is. and my friends are really supportive about this. and of course! My beloved fiance'.

But it's still hard. Really. But I guess my vacation to Camiguin will help lessen the burden. I hope it will. I know I will enjoy. I just hope that it wouldn't bug my mind. I deleted his number already, though I memorize it naman. Like fuck.

I have to repack my things! Shit. Blame mom! She even used my swimsuit! Damn it. Oh well.. I guess I'll be off for a week or two. I'm gonna miss you! And the people who constantly visits my blog to read bullshit. Really, I don't even know why you guys are reading this. But I'm flattered, anyway. So yes.. Ta-ta for now!

Love you guys!

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.