He said, "I am but one small instrument." Do you remember that?
Greetings, Earthling.
First, this is my blog. Everything I post here is all MINE unless.. otherwise stated. I do not care if you hate or dislike things I post, these are my fuckin' opinions. I don't care. This is an outlet for me to embrace reality and to express my thoughts. So your respect is needed and therefore necessary.

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I'd like to think that i'm beyond ordinary. That I do everything in a special way.

Call me Wendy. that would make things easier for the both of us.
I am a pessimist. Sucks to be me.
I love everything Earth-friendly. Anything that unleashes the child in me.
Oh, and I am me.
Your very own prodigy.
I'm feeling high.
I'm eating Nutella.
I'm doing this.

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Smiling just like God was her lover.
You spell love the right way.
Like yeah?
Goodbye sky harbor.
This ain't working out....
It's love that finds you.
He broke his own heart and I watch, as he try to r...
Clearance. :(
Fuck you, change.

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Ice creams and Strawberries.
Written at Sunday, April 25, 2010 | back to top

 Good Morning, world! :))

I woke up with a smile on my face -- again. Mom woke me up and told me there's Ice Cream in the fridge so I hurriedly stood up and went downstairs and ate while I'm online. It feels great 'cause Summer has been ultimately hot and I have been craving for Ice Cream since I don't know when.

Texted with babe earlier this morning and he was very sweet. I love it when we text like this. He's very cute. :3 Haha! :)) Honestly though, I cannot wait to see him again. :[ Sometimes it feels as though what we currently have is real but sometimes it seriously just doesn't make sense. Blah <- that makes more sense than that. But.. I just really want him to assure me that I am still the one.

Anyway, CAMIGUIIIIIINNNN. I cannot waiiiiit! :) Beach with my cousins, fun fun fun! This is the most exciting Summer I have had since I started to breathe. And will still be having. But I think Summer's going too fast. Now fuck that. Bummer.

I'm watching Showtime now. Vice Ganda mentioned Jejemons and JejeBusters again. Wow, they're going cliche' now. But I barely care. :P

Ughhhhh. I. Cannot. Believe. It. :|| It's. HOT. like. hell. fuccckkkk.

Been listening to You Told Me You Loved me by CinSun and it's such a sad song, really. :(((

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.