He said, "I am but one small instrument." Do you remember that?
Greetings, Earthling.
First, this is my blog. Everything I post here is all MINE unless.. otherwise stated. I do not care if you hate or dislike things I post, these are my fuckin' opinions. I don't care. This is an outlet for me to embrace reality and to express my thoughts. So your respect is needed and therefore necessary.

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I am ME
I'd like to think that i'm beyond ordinary. That I do everything in a special way.

Call me Wendy. that would make things easier for the both of us.
I am a pessimist. Sucks to be me.
I love everything Earth-friendly. Anything that unleashes the child in me.
Oh, and I am me.
Your very own prodigy.
I'm feeling high.
I'm eating Nutella.
I'm doing this.

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Beautiful girls, all over the world. :))
Even the best fall down sometimes.
Ice creams and Strawberries.
Smiling just like God was her lover.
You spell love the right way.
Like yeah?
Goodbye sky harbor.
This ain't working out....

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Stupid Love Letter.
Written at Sunday, February 28, 2010 | back to top


What a cute baby. :3

Annyeong Haseyo! I'm sorry if it's been awhile. We just got a new modem cause the previously seriously sucked. I haven't been able to go online and check my sites because of this fucktard net connection. Thank God, after annoying PLDT's bones out, they finally sent someone to check our modem and replaced it to a new one.
Anyway, I'm kinda? Excited for summer. Cebu, beybeh! Queen City Of The South. ;) I'll be able to see a lot of really cool people there. Pluss.. Will get to be with mom too. :3 Phew.

I think I already have plans for College. Gramma's gonna buy a condo unit here in Manila so I think.. And I wish that it'll pursue and I'll be able to go to UP.

Neh. I'm so freakin lazyyy. I still have a lot of problems to deal with. Like projects and stuff. Perio's on Wednesday. What kind of school would have an exam on a Wednesday? Nyaawrr. Only DLA. Haha. God I'll miss DLA.

Anyhooo.. I like my new blog skin. It's cool. ;D korean-ish. :33

Oh, yeah. Gian's birthday's tomorrow na. I told him i'll give him a lollipop but he didn't want any gifts, I think? Heck. Pshh. So.. Yeah. ;))

Oh, it's 22 days to go before my birthday. Hell Yeaaah!

I want books! And memories. ;3 Give me my sin again. ;D Fuck I miss Romeo And Juliet. That sweet, pathetic little book that drove me nuts.

I'm out. ;D


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
You know you love me, I know you care.
Written at Saturday, February 6, 2010 | back to top

 Now Playing: Baby - Justin Bieber.

Hello there! Greetings. :3

So I just thought of blogging since I have nothing else to do. I am bored to death. They say only boring people get bored, so yes.. I know i'm boring. Deal with it. :P

I'm lovin' Iyaz's Replay. It's stuck in my head. LSS would be the appropriate term. It's so catchy, and the first time I heard it was when Mikee was singing it to me when I was crying in our service last Thursday. But the crying thing just opens up another whole story. And it's a secret that only my closest friends know.

Anyway, I'm smelling field trip! Mt.Samat and Subic, bungee jumping and a whole lotta cool stuff. I really can't wait. I'm so enthusiastic about it and I can't wait. 5 more days to go, I suppose? February 11 would be the date. I hope my cellphone's okay by then.

Yesterday was really exhausting -- and fun yet for the most part. We really had fun especially the hour before dismissal. Before that, the subjects that went on that day were ummm.. Pretty much okay. Had a quiz in Bio - got a 93. Most of us got a 100. Maybe because they were.. studying.. really hard. LOL. :D We had this quiz in Math too and I got an 89. 3 mistakes. Carelessness. Bullshiaaat. But that's okay. Atleast I got a passing score.

We learned Arnis! Only the blocking stuff, though. It reminded me of my favorite TV series, Encantadia. My favorite character was Danaya back then. As we use those rattan sticks for the basic steps in blocking an attack, Karissa would look at me and would tell me that I looked like Danaya. The only missing parts were the leaves in her hair. Haha. Funnehhhh.

And then the party was on! It was really cool. Lots of food trippin, and a whole lot of trippin'. We never get tired, aren't we? Picture here, picture there, we're total camwhores! Even the boys... And I ate a lot. When I got home I didn't even bother lookin in what's for dinner, I didn't eat. I can still feel the weight of my stomach until now. *burp. We had a food fight! The girls were screaming as the boys throw pancit veggies at them -- at us, I mean. I seriously smelled like coke from all the coke-throwing and stuff.

I'm soo into K-pop! I just saw 4minute perform on Wowowee earlier. They were so cute. I downloaded two of their songs and now it's stuck in my head too. I think maybe some of my close friends are wondering where the "hardcore" Wendaang went. It's still here, alive in my heart. Hardcore will forever be my main genre, and rock as well. I'm just tryin' out new genre's for fun. I like seeing them in the corridors or in the room, and my classmates and I dance to the tune of every new hiphop or what-do-you-call-that-genre-again? songs. Especially KPOP! :D I don't ca a a a a are.

There's a new trend for trippin' in our room. Knock knock jokes for life! We try to invent new ones and spread them all over the batch. I've made a few. :) And some were just.. from some other people from the batch. I really barely care if they're corny or what, I dig telling them. And I just never get tired. :P

Youtube's open nowwww. Now watching: DBSK's Why Did I Fall In Love With You? music video. Two thumbs up! :33

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
I heart yooo.
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 Yo! Sorry for being gone for a really long time! But my absence doesn't change anything, didn't it? Well I hope you're all in good shape.Cause I think i'm not.

Palaro's gone already. Yet the memories are still fresh. Won in ALL the ball games, but didn't win the Palarong Pinoy award. It's okay, we weren't devastated, really. We felt like.. winning in all the ball games really more important than that. I think it's the main event. LOL. Maan, Wilson's really a PRO! Hats off to him.

This week? Has been really.. very.. confusing. But for the most part, I feel really great at school too. I'm with him again. Beat that! Haha. God knows how happy I am to be with someone I could give all the love in the world too. That's just sweet. :3 Nyawr.

Anyway, moving on.. I have been very hyper (it's like.. all the time, right?) these past few days. Addicted to knock knock jokes. I don't care if it sounds corny or whatever. They all laugh because they find it funny.. I mean.. the way I deliver it. Well that's just cool. Haha, atleast, right? :) Bio days are really boring great! I love how people in my place laughs and eats Francine's yema. It's so obvious that i'm in love with my section. :P

Field trip! Can't waaaaait. It's gonna be a blast, pinky swear. I just wish it'll be really fun and worth it. It's 1.6k. Where in God's name will you get 1600 Philippine peso in just a snap of a finger? LOL. Haha. Well i think it'll be worth it.

 I am sooo lazy. Mom's birthday is tomorrow! Yey. :) Happy.. 34th birthday mom! I heart you forever and ever. ^^,

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.