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Heart attack.
Written at Saturday, January 23, 2010 | back to top

 Missed me? :)

Hahaha. Hey blog. I'm here. alive and breathing air. I was just.. I mean, I have been really busy. From all that stuff that went through, almost perfectly that Monday afternoon, from our very tiring practice yesterday. And how can I ever forget mentioning about our Talent? Sheesh.

Okay. So to correct the conclusion that's been going around your mind, yes, i won. I am a finalist for the Mister And Miss Palaro 2010 which will be held this Monday already, at the soon-to-be busy covered court.


Of course, who wouldn't be? But seriously though, I'm nervous. What if I get tongue-tied especially at the question and answer part? I stammer and stutter a lot. Dang it. But i'm pushing my luck to the limit.

Will go and attend mass at the church near MOA tomorrow. And will go there after to buy some clothes for the said event. Gramma's freakin' out because I still don't know what to wear and she wants me to make up my mind already. If she only knows how busy my mind is. I want to play games for the Palaro already! Daaamn.

Anyway, heard a rumor about me again. And fck, I misspelled again to agian -- again. Darn. Haha. Now that's funny. It was nasty but.. Haha, that's the true essence of rumors -- even though they aren't true, you'll get affected one way or another, and if you show people that you're affected, well you're the sore loser. Because why would you get affected if it isn't true in the first place? You should know that there would be people who wouldn't accept you, or would judge you but you can never really please anybody, right? What matters most is that you have real friends that surrounds you.

LOL. The practices were -- -_____- I don't actually know what to say. We had practices for the production number and blahblahblahh. Quest proper and things as such.

Gramma's nagging. LOL. Kuya's room is a freakin' mess. His CR is a mess too. She's pissed she's pissed ahaha. I'm so laughing right now. HAHAHA.

I'm out. XD Pretty lazy, and i lost the enthusiasm i had before blogging - which actually pushed me to blog.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Don't let me go.
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Happiness and Energy!

Lovin that photo. We looked so happy! :) And we're not faking. Haha. I seriously look like a flying monkey but that's okay. It was a candid pic for our CLVE project. I just had to upload this here. :]

Anyhoo, it's a THURSDAY! :) I should call myself Thursdaang. Haha. Now that just sounds pathetic. It's fckin' cold. Need a hug from you. -- eh? It's like below 25 degrees? I'm exaggerating but I guess it's so close to that. Sheesh. Had to borrow Celine's big bird jacket and Michael's "super cool" racer black jacket, (which I forgot to give him after using. It's in my hands.) I shouldn't forget to bring a jacket now. I was in a rush earlier this morning! And to think I woke up early naman. What's up with my body?

I had a cold morning, cold afternoon, cold evening. What the heck, it's cold! LALALA. I should stop blabbing about the weather, and start talking about how my day went.

Well it went fine. Err, let me recall... AP was cool. We had a game. We lost. That's fine. I barely care, anyway. And.. CLVE? Had this uber boring discussion. He discussed about the Eucharist and I just slept. Kevin and I exchanged seats, since his chair's on the side. I managed to sleep, and was off to sheer serenity again. But it didn't actually last, since BOOM! It was recess time after. How can time fly so fast with just a blink of an eye?

Recess Recess. Ate Ham And Cheese siopao, yeah like you care? Haha. Then blahblah. Math was next. Had this seatwork, I still don't know my score. Deng, I wish i'll pass. Being a recorder is tiring! I have to go and stroll along the room just to get the scores of my members since they're like.. what, 9 miles away?

Bio. Me and Max were excuse cause we had our practice for the Elimination Round. Maan, it was.. uhm.. I can't really describe it. But the pressure's on. I really wish I'll do this thing the right way. It doesn't really have to be perfect as long as I did my best, right? But why do I feel like a lot of people are depending on me, and therefore wants to see the very best of me? Pretty tough on my part. It wasn't really that tiring, we spent 30 minutes ramping and sitting there, being told what to do. And blahblah. And then we went upstairs na. I wanna sleep right then and there. But I couldn't.

LUNCH. Ate a freakin' banana cue, which is.. sooooo sweet? Too sweet than the norm, i mean. Jeremy gave me this banana which is.. kinda rotten na? Haha. How dare he! Oh well.. I eat anything so that doesn't really matter. :P

ELA. Got nothing to do! T. Michelle was busy because she needed to do some errands and stuff regarding the Miss Palaro. She's a chairwoman, I think? But she's really kind.. Superb. We took pictures for our projects again. It was super fun! We were creative enough to have cute poses and all that stuff.

HEALTH. Nothing to say. It's fun -- as usual. Had jokes. Argie's kindat moments are uber funny. He winks at us and we'll laugh kasi it's funny nga! Hell. :D

FILIPINO. I slept -- again. I feel sorry for Sir Marvin. I wasn't the only one who's got her head bowed on her desk. It was.. cold that's why we all felt really sleepy. I know the majority does. But he was just so kind, for giving us 15 minutes Free Play. I guess he sensed that we were all feeling lazy and that he knows where it was going to.

TLE. UBER fun. HAHA. We had our discussion about Teenagers and Parents and stuff like that. T. Beth Francisco was our observer. But it actually felt like we had no observer that time cause Paula keeps on singing Gibo's campaign jingle. "Sulong, Gibo.. Wag uurong." Rollyn wanted us to sing Manny Villar's campaign Jingle but.. Naah. It's way too overused. My ears hate it already. And besides, Manny doesn't actually need to tell everyone he's been a poor guy cause.. who the hell cares? what the world needs is someone who wouldn't steal. Someone who would be willing to stand up in behalf of the Filipino's. Okay, maybe he's got lots of experiences but.. Err. Still!

^ Anywaaaay. Enough with that. We were all fooling around. And there goes Argie's powerful kindats again. I just actually mispelled again to -- agian. LOL. Speaking of.. He's a nice kid naman. Haha. He's always been.

And that's it! :) Dismissed. Fooled around with Dyan and the others. My lips were bleeding that time cause Dyan accidentally knocked me off. Nyahaha. Long storrryyy. It'll bore you out, I swear. But if you're masochistic enough, then yes.. It hurts! :D Haha! We took pictures practically at the center of the court with everyone's eyes on us. But no, I don't really care. :P

Andrei was funny when we were in our service na. He responds to the radio station Dj's and to the radio as well. Greenday. LOL. and I borrowed Ej's Bob Ong book -- I promised I'd give it back tomorrow. Abby and I talked about our outfits for the Elimination Round. I'm still thinking of Golf for the elimination and Racer for the finals -- suggested by my fellow Mendelians. Still not sure. But that's okayyy. HEY, NO IT'S NOT! IT'S DAYS AWAY!


I'm still not eating dinner. Will eat after this. Then will study for the quiz in TLE and Math after. Kuya's ex is here. She's fun to be with. *eek i'm hearing Manny Villar's song again. Fck* We were talking about the past. Kuya and her lasted for 5 years! Damn. Now that's interesting. I wish I can handle a relationship that long. :D

Hey Enzo. Finish blogging na o! :))

Will study. And i'm watching PBB. It's friggin' cold but I'm turning the aircon on again. BLEEEH. I want it to be super cold. I'm superwoman.

May the force be with you.


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
You want a piece of me.
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Thus with a kiss, I die.

In a rush. It's getting late. Friggin' mosquitoes! What's up with them, biting me like that? I have red spots over my arm. Ain't cool. Neh.

It's my day! WEDNESDAY! (weh?) It's an okay day, again. :) Laughed tons. I call myself a laugher. LOL. My own word. Kevin's the joker. Paulo's the BOOer and the KORNIer. (weh?!) Hahaha! Okay so maybe we're getting a little overboard with our jokes and everything but it's fun!

Damn! I had to scratch over my right arm. *commercial*

Okay so.. what's new today? Hmm. We had our seating arrangement already! Sir Glenn didn't even bothered transferring me. I was in the same old spot. Well, not exactly. I'm in the middle of Rodel and Kevin. Two of the boys I like laughing at. They're sooo funneh. Nyahaha. Heck, man. Everything's funny with me.

MATH time? Had our quiz. I got an 83. Quite low. But at least I passed. I am grateful. :) T.Roda assigned me as a recorder. Argh, I didn't really want to. But I can't really say no. Paulo kasi e. I think he's taking his revenge against me because I voted for him to be a recorder last quarter. Nyahaha. Pissed off? He was, I think? I just accepted the responsibility. Can't really do anything about it. Nyawr.

Oh, we had our PE too. Volleyball. I love my work -- cheerleader! since i'm not really a big fan of it and I never had any gene that gives me the strength to play it perfectly. I suck at it - in other words. But I get to play because I was a sub, and I just.. stood there. Practically. O_O When it was my turn to serve, my serve didn't even reach the net. Oh damn. But it was near na oh. Deeeng. Oh wellllll...

Filipino? Exchanged a few jokes with the class and Sir Marvin and then slept half of the time. Yes, I did. Slept. As in, with my head bowed on my book. They weren't disturbing me. I was in sheer serenity. I actually had a headache that time. Well.. My tummy ached. And then blahblah. It was all over.

Oh.. And our CLVE time? We took pictures of ourselves fer our project! It was tons of fun! We tried to interpret the song by pictures. I loved the part where in we're supposed to jump and then Max would click his camera so that the result would be like we're flying or something? I hope you're getting what i'm saying. Exactly like that. HSM-ish much? Nyahaha. :) It was tiring, because we can't do it perfectly.

LUNCH? I bought a dessert - Maja Blanka. I envied this teacher. LOL. She has a really healthy lunch. It's complete -- with appetizers, main dish and all that. Nyahaha. :)) Coolness.


At home? Talked with mom about stuff -- Eclipse. Yeah, as in the 3rd book of the Twilight Saga? I get to argue with her again! Haha. That is so superb. She says it's her favorite cause there were a lot of interesting scenes compared to the other books. And I was just like.. "Whatever, mom. "And all. I got bored, because I can't solve my Math assignment -- WHICH IS REALLY HARD, btw. That's why I decided to answer it at school na lang. And.. Oh, yeah. Cause Kuya was hogging this computer big time kanina. See? I'm online LATE. Damn. I just did some karaoke thing na lang. Sang GLEE songs! yay. I love Bon Jovi's It's My Life. It's my new themesong for myself. Bwahaha! :))

I am so LSS nga pala with.. Britney Spears' Piece Of Me. And yes, I don't know why. I just liked it? The music vid too. I don't know. It's quite outdated but I don't really give a shit since I'm not up to any trends and I'm not sunod sa uso. :P

God, these mosquitoes are truly annoying. Imma off now. Mom will kill me. :) Muah.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Stop this love song.
Written at Tuesday, January 12, 2010 | back to top

[Insert Romeo and Juliet line here]

I was online. Kuya interrupted me, I lost my sheer bliss. And then I came back again. I conquered! Boohoo.

Ugh.. Not exactly.

Tuesday. Sleepy day. I was so sleepy -- again. I don't know why but it seems like I always wake up early nowadays. What's wrong with my body clock? Went to school, and was damn drowsy that I had to slap myself real hard to prevent my eyes from falling. I still had to finish my CLVE visual aid but what the heck -- I can always make a way out of it. Or at least that's what I thought. Nyahaha.

It was like any other normal days. The CLVE report about Lesson 16 was freakishly horrible! He had to ask me about things my mind cannot comprehend. We had to consult a dictionary. It wasn't a total failure -- thanks to our visual aids, and pwede-na-rin discussions. But.. He had to ask me things, maan. About consecration, covenant. And I am so clueless. :| I should go to mass frequently. Dontcha think?

No more other highlights after that. Bio -- bored me. I wanted to crack open my book and sleep above it. Math was kinda funny. Wilson's a total clown -- the usual. Asaran and stuff. T.Roda's amazing. Nyahaha.

LUNCH. Didn't take any overwhelming lunch. Darn it. Caryl's baon was delish. I was really planning on buying my food but she was there. And I just had to avoid her like.. totally.

TLE is the second highlight (what's the first, then?) I took lots of pictures courtesy of my hell phone. Will upload them when I get the chance. Not now, maybe. It's kind of late na and.. it will take a lot of time. I'm kind of sleepy. The only reason why i'm still wide awake is because I have to go and help with our CLVE project. Ugh. :i

Sir Robert roared with laughter (exaggerating, yes) because it was really damn funny. The other groups. Kinda funnier than ours but we were funny too! Haha. Do not forget that, you people. :P

And then poof! It became Koko Krunch. Played Tamaang Tao for our RHGP activity. Held at the rooftop. The Lamarck class was there too, they played first. I was dancing. And I totally look like an idiot but I barely care so... Neh. Our Tamaang Tao was okay. Didn't really enjoy it unlike the one we played last Wednesday fer our PE. That was the best! Because i'm friggin' boastful, :P Haha. I was hit earlier.... on the face. On the cheek. By Dhyrell. It was painful. But I can still smile and that's pretty much a good thing, because smiling was the first thing I did. When he..

..said hi to me.

Damn. He said Hi. He said Hi. (I am actually singing.) It made me happy, and I don't know why. Man, I couldn't be.. In.. L. right? For Chrissakes the guy has a girlfriend and I don't wanna ruin anything. He actually said -- "hello po" but.. what the hell! That doesn't mean a thing. Right? He's a friend and he knows me. Riiiiight? Answer me. :((

LOL why am I even talking to you, blog? You don't speak.. Wait.. You don't, right?

So we were dismissed. Hung out with some of the guys from Lamarck. And then we watched the varsity with their training. Hindi ako nasilaw. Bleh. But I had fun watching some kinda "live show" thingy when I was finished putting my things in the locker -- 3rd floor. That was amazing. LOL. I am a badass. Period.

Julysse accompanied me to my service. I told him to. We don't have a thing, so fck you if you try to assume anything. I was playin' around with him. He's a nice kid. LOL.

I'm feeling sappy. Got to go now. Need some rest. My mind's a maelstrom. May the force be with you.


-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.
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"O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet."
- Juliet Capulet.

Talk about Monday Blues. Total fiasco. My life is officially.. CRAPPIER than ever. I don't know where to start. My morning was okay... until..

I don't get why people can be so overreacting at times. It just doesn't make sense. Who would want to spend a minute to a coordinator's office just because of a stupid pair of earrings, man? That's just absurd! I know you wouldn't want that to happen to you, considering the fact that it's supposed to be not a big deal because you're not really dumb and you know that what you did was wrong, right? I'm not coming clean or anything because it was clear from the start that the moment she sighted my earrings and told me things about it, I knew then that it was wrong. That wearing it was wrong, because she let me sit on the teacher's table on the canteen in front of a whole bunch of people my age! That's just embarrassing. I've never been so embarrassed in my whole existence.

Oh well.. Twas resolved in less than an hour. I said my apologies already, and I hope i'll just forget about it. Cause I really don't want to raise my burden level to it's highest point. I'm pissed enough.

I want gramma back! I want an angel to help me. Can you send me one, God? Or can you just.. take me with you? There are indeed times where in I am in such a hopeless facade that I try to beg God to take me. I bet you find it stupid and ridiculous, but I like doing it because it gives me motivation. And.. whatever.

I like crying, to be honest. Although I don't like showing it to people. It's like a feeling of void in humanity. Honestly, I didn't get what I just typed but I think it totally makes a lot of sense.. *nods*

I was so wasted at school! I was so sleepy. Paula told me to drink water to prevent my eyes to close. And it did. Thanks to her. 

Mom will leave me hanging here. I have to be on my own, but I guess I'm used to it. No new thing regarding that. FREAKIN SPORTSWEAR ATTIRE, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GET IN THE WAY!?!

I just want to rest, you know.

LALALA. Our exams are moved on the last week of February. Bummer. I'm still searching for it's positive side.. Maybe we'll get to have an earlier vacation?! What about my birthday? Total bummer.

STUPID NAT. I hate you to death.

Life... is crap.

May the force be with you. I have to do a whole bunch of things. Fccckrr.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
O! she doth teach the torches to burn bright.
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"It is the east, and Juliet is the sun"

Good Evening, Blog. :)

I should be in a crappy mood because life has always been so crappy -- for me. As much as I'd like to curse, I'm kind of feeling lazy. But fckyeah, I'm pissed. 

No food. No food. I will die of famine. And that's a bad thing because I am a big eater and I cannot survive without food, (seriously, though.. who would?) I hate it when gramma leaves. :(

My phone's absurd. Seriously. Kuya and I did everything. We disassembled it already, but I think what it really needs is a good and professional technician. Ehem. Good thing I can still use it for Music and Vanity. It's camera's still in great shape, as well as it's Music Player. Well, atleast. Now there's a reason for me to smile.

Did nothing productive or school related today. I'm hating myself. I still have to do the visual aids for our CLVE reporting this Tuesday. And I'm gonna do it tomorrow evening. Procrastination much? Heck yeah. I went online, watched TV, tried to repair my phone (and all hell broke loose..) I can't even text people, man! Good thing the keypad's working na. I get to text some kid and well I'm kind of happy. And I think I shouldn't be. [?]

I want to watch Freaky Friday but I'm kinda sleepy. Watched it na rin naman eh. I want to sleep, and dream of stars and bears and chocolates. I'm finally getting the hang of this Miss Palaro thing. I'm.. excited? Neh.

FiaacckShit. Our practice last Friday was the only practice we'll ever have for the Elimination. Now that's just cruel. What if I suddenly forget about it? Then probably I'd humiliate myself. Freak.

Monday again. My body's not yet ready. It's excruciated. :( I want a new phone. I want food. I want good grades. I want a boyfriend. (LOL?!) I want him back. I want gramma back. I want to see dad and my brother. I want to die. Seriosly. Stab me with a knife, will you?

Currently obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and I don't know why. Did some research about it and boy, it was too old! :) It's amazing because I wasn't really a fan until now. I think the plot's pathetic because they're star-crossed lovers and they both died in the end but.. now i'm starting to realize that they both did it because they love each other. Isn't that romantic? Heh.

I will sleep now. May the force be with you.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Bruised and Broke.
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Things may seem to really be headed in a good direction in the relationship department, Aries, but if they look like they are moving a little too fast, they probably are. There may be a plan that does not pan out for the day, and your focus seems to be elsewhere anyway. Just because you and others are busy, it is no excuse for making promised that can't be kept, or planning for one thing when you know you are responsible for another. Unforeseen circumstances may arise to ruin your plans with another as well.

that's what my horoscope says. (Via Facebook) Or atleast that's what it said. It's not really the latest one but.. It kind of had some connection with me, for the most part. 

I've never believed in horoscopes, zodiac signs, destiny and anything as such. I believe that we make our own destiny and if the future's already been drawn out then the point of living will be no longer there. But I think.. This makes kind of sense.

My life is crap. Period.

If I could just sum up all of those things that makes it one big piece of crap. Grades gone lower than I've expected. Got a 76 in Math, 78 in Computer. Damn it. First time to have two line of sevens in a periodical exam. Good thing I remained in the Top 99 Computer Wizards! Top 73. Ain't enough, I know. But that made me jump for joy. I kind of didn't expect that to happen. Thank God.

I had higher grades in the minor subjects. :i

I promise this quarter will be a new start for new things and opportunities. I'm still saying this in an equivocal point of view because we can never know when change starts until we actually apply it to our lives. Or heck, what am I saying?! O_O


TLE was awesome! Fought with Sir Robert because our ideas are so contradicted to each other! He would say, "Ba't ka galit?" When I would go and explain him things regarding our topic -- Physical and Emotional changes during Teenage Years. It was really funny! I laughed my heart out. Once a Mendelian, Always a Mendelian. :) Malibog. Haha.

Oh, we had our practice for Mr. and Ms. Palaro earlier. It was pretty fun and kind of exhausting because we were stuck at the backstage like Tuna Sandwich. I ramped quite.. vaguely. I don't know. I seriously thought I looked like a freakin' asshole, but they kept on giving me praises. I need more self confidence! Where can I ever buy that self confidence they often speak of? Neh. He's cute. Damn.

Nervous? Me? Quite. I don't know. I'm going to give my best. That's for sure. Gramma called too. She asked stuff about the said event. I told her that if ever, hopefully I will be in the Finals, she'll be home na by then and we'll buy my sportswear attire and she's the one who'll take care of me. Sweet. :3 Miss her for real :( Man, this sucks.

You know what else sucks? MY FREAKIN' PHONE IS SICK AGAIN! DANG IT. It's LCD is freakin gay. Fck that. I can't buy a new one. This one's pretty precious. I just have to.. save money to fix this. Damnn. Hate this phone. I'd like to swap with a simplier phone. :(( Who can recommend any?

Anyway yeaah. Wish there's more room for improvement. Heck. Someone's been hot lately. Whew. ;D

- Wendy 

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.
Ain't ready yet.
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 Classes tomorrow. Fck it. Couldn't they just grant our 1 week extension of vacation request? Bummer.

Anyway, I just feel like blogging now. Though I have to do some things like clean my bag and ready my stuff, for example. But gee, i'm just so lazy. Darn it.

Went to Samson (the funeral... what do you call that?) to visit Amielle and her deceased dad. Twas sad. We saw T. Roda and other Lamarck students there. Amielle was there too. I was kind of surprised to see her smiling. I guess she already accepted her father's fate. Though I know it hurts, because I can't imagine myself without a dad. That would be extremely hard.. and excruciating.

I was with Jelyn when we went there. Spent a few minutes there while we waited for Ate Joy (Jelyn's sister) because we were going to the movies. Her sister drove us around. We had some company. Ate Joy's friends. This guy named Marc and.. Gian's older brother. Darn. Haha.

So.. yeah. Blahblah. Watched Shake Rattle And Roll. What a total waste of money. I mean.. For real. It's so.. underrated. So cliche'. And all that stuff. Sorry if I sound like a total idiot but I just feel like I'm a very professional critic and all that. Haha. Being ambitious doesn't hurt at times.

And then after that, they gave me a ride home. Waved goodbye. End of story.

Dad picked me up at 7-ish.. Went to MOA with him, Ezekiel, and my future step mom. Twas fun. We ate at Super Bowl Of China. Damn, their Lemon Chicken was a total delish. And their Soup Of The Day too! I forgot what it was called. But it sure was mouth-watering. Zeke is such a cute baby! He's soo.. hyper! Haha. Mana sa ate. He's just so cute. Raawr. I am so nanggigigil. Nyahaha. ;))

Went to Fully Booked after. I bought The Exorcist. Yeah, the book. I HAVEN'T GOT A GOODNIGHT SLEEP BECAUSE OF IT. Damn. I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking that someone's staring at me. I was the only one in the room. Damn it. I was shit-scared.  It ain't funny. :(( This book sure does gives me the chills. ARRRGH. But it's a very... nice book, though. All the demons and stuff as such interests me. But there will be no way that i'm going to attend the famous Black Mass and offer my menstruation blood. Eew. That's just.. sick, man.

Anyway, yeaaah. Had fun last night! :)


Classes tomorrow. I am not ready. NOOO!

Miss Palaro. :( it's freakin me out, man. I just don't know what to do nor what to expect. Gaa. O_O I wish my life will be over before it comes. I know it's bad to wish things like that but.. what the hell, man. I'm giving it all a shot!

But let's just face reality, for once. I just have to do my best and yadayadayada. Same old fckin story. I never get tired, aren't i?

Kuya and I went to SM Molino earlier. He had to run an errand there. Some Globe GCASH stuff. Guess it's for his girlfriend. I went to National Bookstore to canvass some books. Will buy Dear John by NS next. Or most probably Romeo and Juliet. I don't know what's gotten into my system because I seriously loathe that book, but it's kind of.. interesting now -- for me. Eh. Will try to buy some classic books too. Fuck those new Vampire Novels. Anne Rice is still the best. Well Meyer's next. But.. Vampire Kisses? That is such a freakin' stereotypic book. Neeeh. Sorry for the obscenities. I just find it.. really trying hard. :((

Anyway.. I want Dear John! Saw the trailer when we went to the movies. Amanda Seyfried's going to play the lead role. Hmm.. She did well in Jennifer's Body. So I guess I'll watch it. I want The Notebook too and The Guardian. Haha. N.S is a nice author. :))

- Anyway, hafta run some errands naaaww. Goodnight. I'm off. :)) WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW!!!

- wendy

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.