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Tired - Times Two.
Written at Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | back to top

If yesterday was tiring, today was really EXHAUSTING. damn it, My legs hurt, I can't seem to feel them anymore. We're all effete. (got that word from my ELA spelling test, btw.) We had to be on a rush while campaigning with the intermediate and highschool levels and what I hate about it is that, I have to be excused again! I know I'm going to find it hard to catch up. And to think we have homeworks in ELA and Math, and a quiz on P.E and Computer. Bummer, I left my ela notebook, Computer and P.E books inside my locker so I'm like.. puzzled out O_O and the only thing I did today was the homework in Math and the research thingy in TLE.

On the contrary, I feel kind of glad because many people are telling me that they're going to vote for me. Though I'm not really sure if they will, (or they just said that for the sake of making me happy or what.) It boosted up my body and mind to continue with the campaign. and that's one of the good things, atleast. And I wasn't able to attend CLVE. Yey for me!

I had to rush things up and go room to room and watch Patriz, Jeremy, Maui, Annaflor and the other Magic candidates to tell their speech and Kuya Rainer and Ate Shanna to elaborate our platforms. Good thing we really have cool platforms, that's a big bonus.

Dang it, I'm really tired that I'm sleepy right now. Couldn't think of anything to do because I'm finished with my Math homework. I guess I'll just have to do the ELA homework immediately at school.

I really hate the quiz in Bio. My mind was like.. kaboom! It was terrifying. I mean, the first parts are damn easy but when you get into the last part, with the chemical bonding and equations, I wasn't able answer them enthusiastically since I was being excused already and I had to answer it fast.

Thank God I was able to bond with my friends at the bleachers during dismissal. It was funny, to think that we're all occupying the whole bleacher, and we were like so damn heavy! I can't remember who said this (I think it was Jen Riel): "pustahan magigiba tong bleacher." Since we're all like Sardines there and I had to even sit on Roger's lap but he insisted after I sat on him for a minute or two. He said I was heavy? Hell. Haha, Thank you! :D

I think I wanna go to sleep now. I need rest. :(

Written at Monday, July 20, 2009 | back to top

Been really tired with things. Like the campaign, for example. I know I missed a lot of discussion and lectures between those subjects that I wasn't able to attend. And I secretly hate it, because then I would have to catch up with those and it'll make me restless again.

It then bumped into my mind, am I really making the right decision? To run as the level rep or is this just another waste of time? I know I sound really absurd, but I just want to make sure that I won't regret this in the end. Though I probably will - let's just see and wait for the results. (fingers crossed for me.)

I know I'll fail in the test in Math. I know I will. I can sense it. And it's not the Determinants i'm worried about, it's the elimination method. Boo, I forgot how to do it and stuff, so i'm probably going to get a failing grade. Damn, I don't waaaaaaaaaant toooooooo. >.<

Tired with dealing with this predicament I've been bearing since he told me the thing. And... well, yeah it did hurt but, guess i'm used to it already.

Happy 16th birthday Sayuri! :D

Half Blood Prince.
Written at Saturday, July 18, 2009 | back to top

I watched Harry Potter with kuya Jingle and ate IV at MOA. and i'm currently speechless because yes, it was really good. I really had fun watching it. :D Though it's kind of bitin for me.

Someone died. Uggh, I almost weeped when he died. Damn it, Snape. I always knew from the start that you're up to no good. and to think you're the half blood prince! Geeee.

I'm so sleeepyy. :D
It's mornight for me. *yawns*
til here?

Written at Thursday, July 16, 2009 | back to top

Half day :) Due to the weather. It's raining and very windy yet there's no storm signal here in Cavite. And to think we even went to school, but we were sent home at 12pm.

I'm busy with SG stuff now. I'm running for Second Year Level Representative and my fellow contenders are Sayuri, Dyan, James, Almira, Ivan and.. me.

I know it's a hard decision to choose who to vote. Since these following people I mentioned above are really friendly and stuff. I don't know why but it seems to me that they just.. want to have the position and not the responsibility. That's just my own opinion based from my observations. I know who are really since. Like Sayuri, for example. I know she can do her duty as the level representative, (and i'm not saying this because she's my friend or what. that would be bias.)

I'm waiting for 6pm cause we're going to have our confeee. Haha, LOL time! <3 darn it. :D

Johnly and Reggie were fooling around with Renz awhile ago. They had their magic tricks which sent us laughing to the highest level. Haha, Deyyyyyyyym, those were the days.

Ugh, til here since I'm kind of lazy and I'm sooo sleepy. :D

Written at Wednesday, July 15, 2009 | back to top

What a dayyy. :D

I honestly don't know where to start. This is one of the craziest school days I have ever encountered. Just imagining and reminiscing what happened today makes me want to.. i don't know, laugh my ass of or something? But srsly, maann. twas all damn hilarious.

T.Dhel's absent again. The quiz in computer was postponed so we had to go to the com lab to hang out and use the internett bohahaha xD

natatawa lang ako, kasi puro naman blocked yung mga networking sites such as plurk, facebook and the like. So I had to find an interesting site to kill my time. Tapos biglang nagulat ako kasi may sumigaw sa kabilang computer, yun pala, naglalaro lang ng hotel626, so lumapit ako. Hindi na din kasi bago sa'kin yung game na yun. I remembered the first time that I played it, talagang sobrang sigaw ako ng sigaw and kuya was just laughing at me. Darrn it. Haha, sumigaw rin sila. Nagulat ata or what, pero anyway, natawa na lang ako.

naghotel626 na rin ako sa computer ko, nung una mabilis pa siya. they all gathered around and surrounded me, yun, tawa yung iba, yung iba natakot dahil dun sa maid. bigla na lang siyang bumagal bigla sa kalagitnaan ng game biglang bumagal yung pagbubuff, kaya inexit ko na lang.

Tiningnan din pala namin yung Wikimapia site just to see all the negative comments about our school. Ayun, galit na galit sila. sino ba naman kasing hindi magagalit, what with all the stuff written about our school. Grr.

Haha, tapos, the funny thing just happened. Biglang pumasok si teacher michelle sa comp lab tapos pinapalabas kami, akala naman namin time na. So we logged off our pc's and arranged the chairs to it's previous and proper places. Paglabas namin, gulat na lang kami, fire drill pala yun! tapos kami na lang ata yung hinihintay.

tawa naman kami ng tawa, kasi hindi naman namin narinig yung siren so we really had no clue na fire drill na nga pala yun. talk about dumb or what?!

Haha, nung P.E rin pala, main event ang 50 meter sprint ng girls. Boys talaga, tsktsk. NAUGHTYYY, deyyym it. tawa na lang rin kami. XD

nung Fil, tenenenen! si Max, nagflag ceremony. opss, haha. i won't continue na. kindaaaa private or what. haha. XD

so all in all, my day turned out to be fine naman :) I got 40 on the partial curl ups. sakit sa likod. grr. haha. XD

rest na ako . have to find my card pa for Science Club. Deengg.

you have just landed on mount tralala. XD
Written at Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | back to top

Oh crap. Haven't updated this blog for days, which seemed like years for me. I missed blogging.

Anyhow, yessss. I am still alive and kicking. :D

What else is new? Hmmm, I'm planning (still planning) on attending the Volleyball training this Saturday. Although I just don't know what to expect. I mean, I'm not really that good in volleyball, yet I know how to play. A little. Haha. Okay fine I'm a suckerrr! Hahaha!

and yes, it's confirmed.. there will be no integration this year. yes i know it just sucks but if we keep on blaming the school we'll just get our asses thrown out so.. haha, guess we just have to accept that horrible fact.

my day's fine. nothing extreme really happened.. dhyrell's a freakin' clown. and dudung's birthday is coming up. hooraaahh, haha.. i'm going to give him a piece of candy and it's up to him if he'll accept it or throw it on the nearest trash can just to piss me off..

and rumors are reaching my ears.. is it true that there will be no mister and miss palaro this year? cause if it's a fact, that's just a big yey for us.. hahaha, us meaning - ALL THE SECOND YEAR muses and escorts.. or not? max hates it, it felt like he was devastated or something.. i can't be so sure though..

oh man, i really hate it when i'm surrounded with "taken" kids.. haha, dang it.. i feel out of place, to be honest.. if grabbing someone and owning them's legal and free, then i'm so going to do it, no doubts.. i don't know, i just feel so left out sometimes but that's okay.. i can manage, i think?!

people sometimes misinterpret me for something else.. i am fully aware of that.. yet i just choose not to give so much attention because i know it'll just waste my time.. i mean why would i waste a second or precious minutes proving someone who i really am when in fact it just shows through my actions and words? i don't want to change just because someone tells me to.. i know for a fact that i will change ONLY if i hurt people too much..

sometimes it's really hard to pretend that you're strong enough to just ignore.. it's one of those deeds i truly loathe.. what with all those shit i heard about me for the past years? i usually don't ignore but now, i am doing it.. still doing it and won't stop doing it until i wake up from reality saying: "man, i'm such a loser.. i should just go to hell.."

or not?!

geez, what am i saying?

anyway, GTG i have to do this TLE homework, muahahaha! xD

the real deal.
Written at Friday, July 3, 2009 | back to top

it was depressing to see it. i saw it, twas so damn depressing yet what can i do? i had nothing else to do but to stop staring so as to stop the pain.

i can't believe i'm such a sucker. i don't know why, it pained me to see IT, good thing i got the power to stop staring at them.

okay, so what is really the real deal here?

i'm just so upset because i'm so weak. weak enough to not face reality. i'm weak AND stupid enough to use other people for my own sake, and i know that's a bad thing but i' m willing to do anything to stop the burning in me.

i don't want to say anything like -> "i want IT back" but hey, it's pretty obvious that this WAS my goal for a year and a half already. and yet nothing happened. nothing happens.

and that only means that it's really not supposed to be, right? but how come that I think it's still us in the end? is it just my own hypocrisy and stupidity or am i just losing my mind?

people are telling me that it's never too late to stand up for yourself for once. it seems to me like i've downed myself for so long that i'm not capable of standing up anymore.. and what's worse is, it's me who's in pain while that other person's not..

i know that THAT other person isn't going through the same situation as with me. simple, THAT person doesn't care.. it hurts me and well.. i'm stupid so what else should i do? go ahead and kill myself? yeah like that would help.

please don't blame me for my own stupidity. i really want this to end so badly. i've been through a lot already yet this is the biggest thing that i think i wouldn't want to live with yet i honestly cannot live without.. i live for a simple reason and that's to be happy and enjoy life that God has given me. but how can i simply do that now?

i know i'm doomed, i've always been. this is my weakness. this is the pain that's coming from inside of me.

seeing that person makes me happy. that person was even close to me literally earlier, and i wasn't happy about that yet i wasn't sad either.. it was disappointing because i haven't heard any word addressed for me. yes, it was disappointing but i can't blame that person. since i'm doing the same thing too.

see? it's all my fault, isn't it? i'm dumb. yes, i know.
transformers 2 with friends.
Written at | back to top

i haven't been able to blog what happened yesterday which was worth the blab-talk, anyway..

okay, so we had our shortened period and we were dismissed at exactly 3:10pm. our last subject was TLE and I was like bummed out yet I had fun in printing naked patrick star on my t-shirt. haha.

yeah so anyway, patriz and the guys were waiting for us to finish our printing in TLE, and then after that we'll head to SM to watch Transformers 2. wahahaha :) Okay so yes, i'm like one of the many people who was late in watching the damn blockbuster and yes, i'm also a sucker. but hey, i watched the movie in theaters!

i was with a lot of people, really..

i was with Patriz, Dyan, Fernette, Caryl, Paula, Dotdot, Christine, Anne and we walked with the boys: Gideon, Rk, Francis, James, Jen and.. I forgot. oh and Arden too! haha.. they played SF at SBL. so yeah, tagalog mode. haha. nilakad namin yung papunta ng gate ng t&c. Twas fun. nagwala si caryl, as usual.. nahulog yung water jug niya tapos yun, napabagal tuloy kami. haha.. pinagtitinginan pa siya nung mga service na dumadaan. someone even shouted -> "Caryl mukha kang ewan!" and we just laughed our rears off..

first stop: Dyan's house.

I remember her house though it was my first time yesterday to visit.. wala lang, kasi nga diba, when we were kids (like grade 1) we were the best of friends talaga. as in she's my first best girl friend and i love her mom because she was always there whenever my mom fails to attend Palaro and she buys me stuff like hotdog and the likes.. kay, dyan's got a cool mom.. haha.

so anyway, we went there and oo nga, amoy sabon. duh naman, negosyo nila yun. hahaha, i saw her sister there and we met once again! the last time i've seen her personally was when we were in 1st grade pa nga, sa jollibee, nung birthday ni dyan. hahaha..

nagpaalam muna si dyan, and we rested since pagod na din kami and pula na ng cheeks namin. after a few (super few) minutes, dyan went out and told us na pinayagan nga siya so off we went..

we rode a jeep papuntang sm-molino, libre ni christine.. birthday daw niya sa july 16 e. super thanks christine! i don't really know what went wrong pero there was a girl on a jeep who told us to shut up! she said this -> "wag nga kayong bastos.." something like that and that we were so noisy daw. i was like WTF and dyan whispered to me -> "ano RIOTin na natin wendaang?" i just laughed na lang din since it was an old woman na rin, like in her mid40's or suffering from menopause or what.. so pinabayaan ko na lang. respect na lang din diba? i have values noh.. haha..

so we watched it nga, and damn.. megan fox is so damn hot. i just love her so na. she's like the hottest among the hottest! hahaha, talagang napatulala kaming lahat. lalo na si caryl! haha..

after watching, nag-arcade muna and damn, gabi na nga ako naka-uwi. di naman ako pinagalitan and all since i told kuya naman the day before na i'll watch it nga with friends.

so, twas a really fun experience since i'm with a different circle of friends though it seems like nothing changed. except that they're wilder nga lang! :) haha, and that's a good thing, right??

finished blogging about yesterday.
i'll blog about today naman, kay?

wendy's twenty's. :D