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Written at Monday, April 26, 2010 | back to top

 So I'm home alone. Well, practically. Kuya just left because Ate Riza's gonna arrive at exactly.. Uhm, about now, I think? Then they'll be off to somewhere to spend their summer. Bummer. I am so fuckin' jealous. My trip to Camiguin will be on the end of the week, I guess. I simply just cannot wait THAT long, maan. I wanna go now. As i now. Deng.

Anyway.. I haven't eaten anything yet. I dunno. Guess I'm full, or not. I'm going to cook after this. And maybe download a movie or what. I'm pretty bored. Boo.

I want to start my story now. Maybe after I cook, I'll make a draft or what. I want to do something really productive this summer, you know. I just really couldn't think of any. All I do is sleep, go online, text and watch, and eat! Holy hell. This summer's makin' a big bum outta myself. Oh well.

I just sorted the clothes I'll be packing for the Camiguin trip! I picked two sundresses and sorted out shorts, and I'll be bringing two pairs of pants. My violet one and the new one mom bought for me. I think I'll bring my three inch black heels too? Shit, I'm just really excited. Even if it's only for a week. I miss everything about Camiguin. I've made wonders and been with such nice people. My freakin' cousins and funny relatives!

I remember how we used to swim and eat "kilawin" and make fun of ourselves. Especially if it's Fiesta. We'll stay at Mommy Emma's house, and there are like tons of visitors. It's so fun to finally meet new people. Interesting or not.

And oh, the roadtrip, maan! :)) Ate Eden told me we'll go to White Island and Ardent HotSpring. I miss Ardent! The water there's hot, like dayuuummm that's why it's called HotSpring. HAHA. Funneh, Dang. Just funneh.

Rollyn woke me up by calling me on my phone. I answered and she was like - "MOMMY-I-MISS-YOU-LIKE-PUTA-NAMAN-OH!" And I was like O_O cause I was really groggy that time. Matt took the phone and we talked, he told me they'll go to EK next week. Shit. Jealousy, man. I miss EK forreal. More over, I just really miss my friends. Oh, and Rollyn was like giving the phone to Enzo but he didn't wanna talk to me cause he's nahihiya daw and all. Well that's just sad. I wanted to talk to him. Oh well.

Oops.. time to cook, I guess.

-- when silence is torn, the night is broken.